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Bradley Youth Gloves


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Bradley Baseball, LLC
47 Morris Ave.
Manasquan, NJ 08736
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History and Background of Bradley Gloves:
The only baseball glove company focused 100% on kids, Bradley Baseball is committed to making the game as fun as possible from the earliest ages.

Launched in 2016, Bradley Gloves offers young ballplayers a complete line of gloves that fit properly, break-in easily, and help a kid develop confidence. Bradley gloves are game-changers. Their inspiration comes straight off the diamond, where they've watched kids struggle for years with name-brand gloves that only frustrates and makes the most basic skill in the game (catching the ball) way too difficult.

Bradley Baseball Gloves were years in the making. Former major league baseball writer, Jeff Bradley, noticed that the quality of kids baseball gloves was not only lacking, but making the game less fun for youngsters who were just getting started in the sport. A former infielder and the younger borther of former Major League catcher, Scott Bradley, Jeff started working with a glovemaker on patterns and sizes that would enable young players to quickly trust that their glove would do the job it was asked to do, to secure the ball.

Focusing on the pocket, Jeff insisted that all Bradley gloves have a pocket that, while soft, also holds its shape. Obviously, a kid still needs to practice, work on their hand-eye coordination, but with a Bradley glove, they will see their work rewarded. Once the glove is adequately broken-in, it will work for them. Bradley Gloves believe they will change the game for kids.

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