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Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386484
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386485
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386486
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386487
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386488
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386489
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #386490
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #403251
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #402991
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #402992
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #402993
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #402994
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #402995
Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C: Image #402996

Glove Profile

Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C

Extra Stiff
Game Ready
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Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C Quantity
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  • Free Shipping!

  • 12.00 Inch Length

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Made in the USA - Since 1934 (Nocona, TX)

  • One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Weight: Approx. 695 g

  • Recommended For Use At Pitcher And Infield (Third Base)

  • Fully-Closed, Partial Basket Web

  • Classic Walnut Crunch Leather - Stability, Flexibility, and Durability

  • Stiffer Feel Will Require Break-In

  • Colorway: Brown

  • Designed To Fit A High School To Adult Sized Hand

  • Index Finger Pad For Protection And Comfort


For over 80 years, Nokona has built its reputation on producing dependable, timeless ball glove designs right here in the USA, and the one line that has been most responsible for establishing their place in history has been the Classic Walnut Series. Each glove is crafted from their proprietary Walnut Crunch Leather that provides great stability and flexibility with a unique "Crunch" look. Once this glove is worked-in, you'll have a soft and supple design that remains sturdy for a very long time. This classic has been updated with a new look that highlights the gloves' modern features while paying tribute to Nokona's long-standing baseball heritage. Nokona has been making their product in Nocona, Texas since 1934 where the people have dedicated their lives to providing the highest quality ball glove for players that demand excellence. This is their legacy. The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: WB-1200 is a versatile Utility model that offers great functionality at all positions on the field. It features a 12.00 Inch Pattern, Fully Closed Web.

Pick yours up today with Fast, Free Shipping right here at! Nokona: America's Pastime. American Made.


Nokona extends a twelve (12) month manufacturer’s warranty on all their gloves. If you buy a Nokona from JustGloves and experience an issue that may have come from defective workmanship or material, be sure and let the JustGloves Glove Experts know. The Glove Experts are trained in product and warranty knowledge. They will be happy to assist with providing directions for a warranty return to Nokona.


Average Ratings Based on 8 Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars:Overall Rating
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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: This is my fourth Nokona. American made, great gloves. Won't buy any other brand!

Cons: None

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5 Stars: Overall Rating

Pros: Good fit - made very well/high quality - looing forward to having this glove for years to come!

Cons: None

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
One Beautiful Glove Charlsie Other

Pros: Quality workmanship and beautiful leather Fairly easy to break in It is easy to see that pride went into the construction of this glove. We got this glove for my 10 year old grandson. He pitches and plays third base. After a short break in period he used the glove last week and liked the way it fit and was easy to use almost right away. No problems fielding with this glove. If he decides to catch or play the outfield one day, I will get him another Nokona glove. Well worth the money.

Cons: I do not see any cons with this glove at this time.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Nokona Chris Other

Pros: Almost broken in when I got it, nice size

Cons: A bit heavy, but I can live with it.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
?? Arman Player

Pros: The glove is amazing. Wouldn’t have anything else. The leather is amazing and feels better than any other glove. First Nokona and definitely plan on getting more!

Cons: Little bit heavy but you’ll get used to it.

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4 Stars: Overall Rating
Great all around glove. Javiair Player

Pros: Leather is good, quality is great, great build and Nokona has great customer service if anything goes wrong with your glove. Fit is nice, laces are high quality and it's a glove you use for years to come. It's not game ready but it's not going to take long to break in either. I play in an adult baseball league and it can be my go to glove. In the same inning I can go different positions and I don't have to change gloves. The webbing is nice and rarely if ever does a ball bounce out of the glove. Comfort is nice and no issues with finger placement or any hard wire in the fingers. Palm padding is okay. I would not recommend the use of steam, mallet, hot oil, or shaving cream for break in. Just play catch and ball in the glove when not in use and you will be good.

Cons: Not a lot of cons or deal breakers here. It is heavier than other gloves I have owned. Feels smaller than 12" but I would buy again.

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3 Stars: Overall Rating
Ok glove for value Anonymous Player

Pros: Glove broke in very quick. Great quality leather

Cons: Glove is extremely heavy. You would think with how heavy the glove is that it would have great padding, but it doesn’t. I play in 14u and every time I play a game, the next day my glove hand index finder is purple and sore. It is just very painful to catch the ball. I would recommend this glove if you are a pitcher only.

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4 Stars: Overall Rating
Great Glove - with feedback Chris Coach

Pros: The leather is soft and buttery, and it was ready to play with in under a day with a mallet and some oil. I get after it when breaking in a new glove - it's one of my favorite things to do. I'll admit, I'm a leather junky - I like to snort baseball glove leather when nobody is looking, but descriptions of this glove as "stiff" are strange - I've seen them in Dick's Sporting Goods and ordered one here (so I could take advantage of the Glove Assurance Guarantee), and each one has felt soft and easily pliable straight from the factory. This glove is almost perfect for an infielder, but for $400 plus tax, I need it to be perfect for me for longer than the break-in period.

Cons: After the glove was broken in, the glove loosened up so much that it would just fall off my hand unless I was actively "gripping" inside the glove. If you have smaller hands, the velcro model may end up being a better long term solution.

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

What is the difference between this model and the previous WB-1200? Also, is this a good model for slow pitch softball? hoover
The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: WB-1200 and the Nokona Classic Walnut Series: WB-1200 are essentially the same glove except for the difference in color. Both gloves feature a 12.00 inch pattern, fully closed basket web, and the classic walnut crunch leather.
Is this a good mitt for slow pitch softball? gmonday
The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: WB-1200 features a 12.00 inch pattern and is intended for baseball. I would not recommend this particular glove for slow pitch softball.
John P.
Is this a good size for JV ball player turning 13? Trying to get out of the youth model. stew
The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: WB-1200 would be a good glove for a JV player who plays 3B/P/OF.
As a freshmen high school pitcher and outfielder, will this glove last four years? CJ
It is tough to say how long any glove will last a player but with proper care the Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: W-1200, and its classic Walnut Crunch leather, should hold up well. The 12.00 inch pattern may be too small for OF use by the time a player is a Jr./Sr. though (most will use 12.50 or 12.75 inch pattern gloves at this age).
Is this a good glove for a 13 year old who plays mostly outfield, but 2nd base every now and then? Billy Hoyle
A 12" model is a good choice for a player who plays all around the diamond, yes.
Kyle J.
Does this glove come in a size 12.5? Fish
The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: W-1200 is a 12.00 inch pattern. Unfortunately there is not a Nokona Walnut baseball series model available in a 12.50 inch pattern.
I've seen this glove (W-1200) on several different sites with different patches on the glove in the pictures. Do the patches indicate a different model year? Mark
Unfortunately we wouldn't be able to say for certain. I am only showing one W-1200 in our inventory, so it doesn't appear we've ever carried multiple models with different patches. My best guess is that other retailers by order them with different patches, or possibly the gloves are labeled differently/incorrectly. I would contact Nokona directly for more information.
Kyle J.
Is this the same glove as the W-1200C Walnut Series glove on the Nokona website? Dan
Yes, the Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: W-1200 is the same glove that shows as the W-1200C on Nokona's website.
Can this glove come in 11.5 or 11.75 inches? BUCK CHAPMAN
Unfortunately the Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: W-1200 is only featured in 12.00 inches.
Is this a good glove for an outfielder in high school? Robby
The Nokona Walnut Series Baseball Glove: W-1200 is better suited for a pitcher and those that prefer a large glove for 3B. For a high school OF, we would recommend between 12.50-13.00 inches. The Nokona X2 POP 12.50" Baseball Glove: X2-7POP would be a better option for an OF in high school.
Looking at this for my smaller 13 year old, about to play 14u, next year. He pitches and plays OF. He currently has a Rawlings GGE115PTMT 11.5” Nicole
The Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C would be a great size and glove to consider for a pitcher/OF who is 13 year of age!
Show all 11 Questions and Answers about the Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C

About the Brand

Joe Phillips writes about his visit to Nokona. It was like sitting in at the plantation party in Gone with the Wind or maybe gazing from the grandstand at the “Field of Dreams” while the Black Sox players tried to work out their idled muscle kinks. And, I was gently reminded by the lines in that movie while I dug into a delicious plate of North Texas barbecue: “threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins. . . You talk a good dream.” And here I was. . . graciously invited into this magical and charming “Field of Glove-Making Dreams” in former Comanche Indian land at Nocona, Texas. It was a warm August evening, basked in a golden harvest moon, while friends and the Nokona family paid its kindly southern regards to two of their own and two of America’s finest but relatively obscure glove makers, Bobby Storey and Elvin Ray “Ab” Lemons. You see, the pair had just completed fifty years of time-honored employment with Nocona Athletic Goods, the last of the all-American made ball glove company's. The occasion brought echoes of past successes and human contentment, but in Nocona today you still experience much the same American texture of yesterday and perhaps a glimpse into tomorrow as well.

The two stately gentlemen were being honored in a way that could have taken place in the same manner when they first reported for full-time work at Nokona, in 1952, or back even earlier, in 1933 when the company started making sports equipment. During a brief and informal presentation at the celebration, Nokona’s new sales manager called the two glove makers “Legends - because that’s what their ball gloves stood for, American know-how and pride taken in a best-made product.”

A man of few words but a marveled craftsman who could literally conjure a sows ear into a playable baseball mitt, Mr. Lemons got up and fondly recalled the several men he worked with through his half-century and of the training that had been passed along to him from his old bosses.

His counter part and just as talented, Bobby Storey, had filled in at just about every job at Nokona. Bobby, the son of the sporting goods founder, R.E. “Bob” Storey had most recently served as president and now chairman of the board of Nokona. Though past retirement age like Mr. Lemons, he’s now serving at one of his favorite roles, that of ball glove designer.

At a time for employment in this country when five years is considered a long tenure with the same company, Ab and Bobby are not even the first to complete a half-century journey with Nocona Athletics. The now deceased Jewell Brickey, hit that milestone in 1993, after joining the company during World War II. That’s the kind of devotion that employees forge into this glove-making outfit. A devoted and sustained tenure here is not rare. Last year the company advertising, displayed along with Storey and Lemons, three other employees who had garnered 40 years with Nokona, Warren Clary, Bud Meekins, and Melvin Weedin.“

I don’t have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball”, wrote W.P. Kinsella. And the most constant of ball glove makers has been Nokona, and the men and women there who keep alive the tradition of American craftsmanship of ball glove making. The spirit of glove-making is still alive and well in Nocona, Texas.

Glove Properties

Nokona Walnut 12" Baseball Glove: W-1200C
Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult
Color Brown
Feel Stiff
Glove Type Baseball
Position Infield Pitcher Third Base
Series Walnut
Size 12.00
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Nokona
Web Type Fully Closed Basket
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