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  • 12.00 Inch Pattern

  • Buckskin Steerhide and Sandstone Leather Construction - Oil-Tanned Buckskin and Rigid Sandstone Give You the Best of Everything

  • Fully Closed Web

  • Free Shipping!

  • Radius Welting - Improves Support Throughout Finger Stalls

  • One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Conventional Open Back

  • Made in the USA - Since 1934 (Nocona, TX)

  • 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee


This Nokona American Pro Series is made from Premium Buckskin Leather and Sandstone Tanned Leather. Buckskin is a pre-oiled cowhide leather featuring a smooth dark brown finish. It is a staple in a long line of soft, yet durable premium top grain leathers, which provides that supple, broken-in feel that is enjoyed by today's players. The Buckskin is oil injected during the tanning process, this in turn produces a more flexible glove but a heavier weight. The Sandstone Leather is on the back of the glove. This leather is much stronger than most steer hides and therefore provides stability in the gloves. The Pro Line Series gloves offer an open back with shearling for a great look and an excellent feel. Nokona offers radius welting for unmatched durability on their Pro Line Series gloves. Nokona gives this glove a contemporary styling to give it the best look. This glove comes in a 12.00 inch model. It also has a closed web. Nokona has always had the reputation of producing top of the line, durable and dependable gloves and the Pro Line Series is no different. This glove was hand made in the USA in Nocona, Texas. Nokona: American Made for American Played! Free Shipping.

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Overall Rating

Pros: great all around glove breaks in great but slow keeps form for as long as you have it very high quality leather

Cons: although buy leather conditioner to keep the leather in good condition it does lose color and looks fast if conditioner is not applied

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Overall Rating
The Jolly King

Pros: This is a ballplayer's ballglove. If you are serious about the game, there is nothing wrong with it. The color is cool, the leather is awesome, and it is American made. It has its price, but so does everything. In times like these, we need to circulate money in the U.S., not give it to Rawlings or Easton so Asian contries gain wealth and their people continue to work in horrible conditions.Since 1934, Nokona has been the only glove for a real baseball player. Buy quality. Buy Nokona. Buy American. The glove has a Native American emblazoned on its back, and smells like real leather, beacause that's what it is.This glove epitomizes all that is good in the world. And so does baseball.

Cons: Read above paragraph.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great feel, quick break-in, great look.

Cons: Nokona measurement is pre-sewn, mine measures about 11.5". (My 12'75" Nokona measures closer to 12", so this critique is not unique to this glove.)

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Overall Rating

Pros: it is a great glove, the color is great and the way it keeps its shape is amazing

Cons: nothing

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Overall Rating

Pros: Compare to any glove at any price.A bargain compared to Rawlings Pro Preferred.The feel of the glove and the quality of materials and workmanship in the Nokona is far superior to other gloves.The best gloves are American made.

Cons: None.

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Overall Rating

Pros: great glove. very good quality leather. Nokona makes the best gloves.

Cons: none. great pitchers glove.

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Overall Rating
Addison M.

Pros: Best all around glove. Great for infield and for pitching. Nice color,brakes in good. Also stays in good shape if you can take care of it!

Cons: Best glove yet!

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Overall Rating
road doctor

Pros: Nice glove. Fits great. Easy to break in, after two weeks of using the glove everyday is almost completely broken in. Leather seems top quality and glove is well made. Not quite the pro-quality of my Rawlings Pro Preferred Pros20BC but a close second and easier to break in that my Rawlings which is still not completely broken in after 2 months of almost continous daily play. Very Satisfied. I also own a Nokona AMG Buffalo Combo 12.75 outfielders, another great glove.

Cons: Slightly smaller(not quite 12 inches) than my Rawlings Pro Preferred Pros20BC and HOH Pro1000BC and BT. This is not much of a Con as it is an awareness. Does not detract from the glove.

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Overall Rating

Pros: Have two son's playing D1 college baseball have alway's bought Wilson A2000 and Nokona Buckaroo. This is the best glove they have ever had.


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Overall Rating

Pros: american made. i play all day with this glove and it never stings my hand

Cons: Long break in time but the better gloves have longer break ins.

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Overall Rating
coach M

Pros: I had a Rawlings Player Preferred and just wasn't happy with it. So I bought this to coach my kids team and play catch with him and I can say this will probably be the last glove I ever buy and if I need another one it will definitely be a Nokona. Couldn't be happier, this is a top quality glove no matter what anyone says. I checked out all the top gloves Rawlings primo, pro preferred, several Heart of Hide models, Wilson A2000 and Mizuno pro elite and while those are great gloves none is better than this Nokona. Ultimately I bought this glove because of the quality, fit and mainly because it is the only one made in America. First got the 11.5 model and just like all the review say, Nokona's run a little small, so I returned it and got the 12 which measure exactly 11.5 and it is AWESOME! Couldn't be happier. Breaking in nicely and not really that hard to do, just use the Nokona conditioner and the glove kit and play some catch and it will be perfect.

Cons: slightly heavy

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Overall Rating
TN Brewers Fan

Pros: Greatest Father's Day present ever. Makes up for the 1979 Nokona glove my college roommate stole from me. Breakin doesn't look like it is a problem. Just gives you time to bond with your glove. Look forward to enjoying till my 10 year old steals this one from me. At least this time it will be stay in the family. Happy Father's day to all. Get one this week and spend a little quality time with your kids tossing one around in the yard....

Cons: Didn't do it years ago.

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Overall Rating
Bams dad

Pros: Top quality leather,feels great right off the shelf. I will definatly miss this one when my son takes it

Cons: None to date

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Overall Rating

Pros: Breaks in very easily Great for any position Comfortable leather

Cons: A little too heavy, but I don't mind very much

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Overall Rating

Pros: Exactly what I expected. Beautiful glove, rugged stitching and good pocket. Its a christmas present so have not used it yet. Feels like this will last many years!

Cons: none

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Overall Rating

Pros: Great glove! Its kept its shape for a year running now and hasn't lost its color yet. Great for pitching and utility

Cons: A bit heavy

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Overall Rating

Pros: Very durable, nice color combo, deep pocket, best glove I have ever owned

Cons: Slightly heavier than most gloves and my teammates always steal it to smell the real leather

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Overall Rating
Panhandle Slim

Pros: Great glove! Feels great on my hand and has a good sturdiness to it. Construction on this is great and the leather is awesome. Got this for Christmas and have loved it. Took me a while to break in, but that is largely because I am more of a recreational player and did not use it as often as I should have. The Nokona conditioner helps a lot with break in though. Also LOVE that it is American made. Would recommend this to anyone.

Cons: None

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Overall Rating

Pros: I am very satisfied with this glove.It is MADE IN AMERICA!And is built to last a lifetime!And did I mention it's MADE IN AMERICA!

Cons: Takes a little time to break in but is worth every penny!

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Overall Rating

Pros: Looks like a nice glove but we have to send it back!

Cons: It for sure is NOT a 12" glove ;(

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Overall Rating
Coaching Dad

Pros: Unbelievably well made glove. It is very comfortable, easy to break in and allows for great feel of the ball for catches.

Cons: None!

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Overall Rating
great glove made in USA Nokona fan Coach

Pros: This is an awesome glove. I have the older model with some minor cosmetic differences. The Pro Line is described as taking longer to break in than other models, but that was not an issue for me, and in any case I'd prefer stronger leather for long-term durability. Outstanding craftsmanship, comfortable and reliable in the field. I don't have huge hands (I wear a men's medium in regular gloves) and the 12" was a good fit, especially after I re-threaded the strap using the smaller set of holes. Buy this glove, it's worth every penny.

Cons: You haven't bought it yet.

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Overall Rating
Pl 1200c glove Chris Conradt Other

Pros: Almost broken. In when it arrived. Good quality glove! Will last a long time. Love that new leather smell.....

Cons: A bit pricey, but well worth the money.

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Questions and Answers (24)

Have a question about the Nokona 12.00" Pro Line Series Baseball Glove: PL-1200C? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

In your opinion is the the Pro Line 1200 or Buffalo Combo 1200 a better glove?
I like the Pro line a little better. It is a little softer and breaks in a little quicker than the buffalo combo. But most of it is personal preference.
Would this baseball glove work for outfield?
baseball fan8
This glove would work for the outfield. Most outfield gloves run between 12.00-12.50. This glove would be perfect for that. This glove uses Buckskin Cowhide, so it will hold up for a long time.
Is this glove currently in stock?
If it is on our website that means it is in stock in whatever size are available under the "Choose A Size" option.
A lot of reviews that I have read on most Nokona gloves is that they are smaller than listed. My son has a 11.25 and a 11.5. I want a 12 inch glove. Do you recommend ordering a 12.25 or go ahead and get the 12?
Jon Clark
Nokona does not produce a 12.25 inch glove, so your next step up would actually be a 12.5 inch model. Nokona's do tend to measure just a little smaller than advertised. This 12 inch model will probably measure around 11.75 inches. A 12.5 inch model may measure around 12.25 inches. I would probably lean towards the 12 inch model.
Does this glove have very thick palm padding?
This glove has average palm padding compared to other glove of similar price and quality.
What companies make their gloves in America?
Nickleback Lover
Nokona and a few glovesmith gloves are made in America
Is it true that the size of the glove is the pre-constructed size and not the finished size? This will be important to know if I am buying sight unseen online.
The leather is measured while it is laying flat, before it is sewn together. That is why no 2 gloves are exactly the same. Which is why we offer the 100 day guarantee.
Is this glove to big for a 13-year old boy. He will be using for baseball in outfield.
This would be a perfect size for a thirteen year old outfielder.
Does this glove break in good enough to use for softball infield?
The PL1200C is much more commonly used in baseball. It can be used in softball, but I think it's pocket may be a little too small to handle a softball. If you prefer a smaller glove for softball, the PL1200C should work for you.
Looking for a new Nokona glove for 12 year old outfielder/pitcher. What size and model would you suggest?
For your son who plays both outfield and pitcher we would recommend using a glove no shorter than 12.00". You could use a 11.75" model but those are more designed for infield play. Here is a link to view possible options.
Would it be a good glove for softball? Plays infield.
That depends on the age of the player and whether you are referring to slow pitch or fastpitch softball. I recommend our Glove Coach. It's a great tool:
Is this glove suitable for slow pitch softball as an infielders glove? I have smaller hands and a great fit is very important. What would you recommend?
The Nokona Pro Line Series is a baseball glove and will not have a big enough pocket for softball. We recommend the Nokona Walnut Softball Series: WS1200C.
I am 13 years old and I am an infielder. I have small hands. What size glove would you recommend? I am currently using an 11.5" glove.
The average size infielder's glove for a 13 year old is 11.25" or 11.5". If you are a little smaller than average, I would recommend an 11.25" glove.
Would this be suited for high school pitcher who plays 3rd base as well? He is 6'3" and wants something that will last into college.
Yes. The Nokona Pro Line would be great for 3rd and pitcher. If taken care of they will last a long long time. It will require break-in time.
Looking for the right glove for a 12 year old who plays travel ball. His positions are pitcher, short, and center field. I'm curious to your opinion if this glove will be to big on his hand or not. I love the looks of the glove but if it will be to loose on his hand, I will keep looking. I used Nokona throughout my high school days. Awesome gloves!
That's hard to say without being able to see the glove on his hand. However, when players reach 12 years old, they typically are in the process of transitioning to an adult sized glove. Nokona gloves do not fit big, and they don't really fit too small either. I feel the PL1200C would fit him fine.
Is it possible to change the web type on this glove?
The Nokona Pro Line Series: PL1200C (AMG1200SXCW) only comes in the basket web in a 12" model. The Pro Line Series also includes a 12.75" with a double post, double bar web (PL1275H) and an 11.50" with a modified T web (PL1150M).
Trying to decide between a Nokona Pro Line and a Nokona Bloodline for college baseball. Which suits me better? I will be pitching in college.
The Nokona Pro Line Series: PL1200C (AMG1200SXCW) and Bloodline Series are high quality models that would suit a collegiate pitcher well. The Bloodline Series is constructed with the higher quality leather, but will require more effort towards the break-in. The Pro Line Series combines Nokona's Buckskin Cowhide and Sandstone leather which gives it a softer feel and great durability.
My son plays select ball. Played first base and pitcher on his old team. His new team has him outfield and pitcher. Trying to decide on best glove: PL1200C or WB1200C. He is very tall and thin 11 year old. His teams league ball is over, but they are playing in tournaments. Wanting to buy for X-mas present so he can have it ready for spring.
The Nokona Pro Line Series: PL1200C and the Nokona Classic Walnut Series: WB1200C are both excellent gloves. The Nokona Pro Line Series: PL1200C uses sandstone leather compared to Nokona Classic Walnut. Both are similar in feel and durability.
How does this glove compare to a Rawlings Heart of the Hide?
The Nokona Pro Line Series (PL1200C AMG1200SXCW) would feel like a Rawlings Heart of the Hide. They are both stiffer leather gloves. The break-in period will take about the same time for both models. Both also have incredible durability.
Which glove model measures to a 12 inch and can be used by a pitcher?
The Nokona Pro Line Series (PL1200C (AMG1200SXCW) is a model that is a 12 inch design that could be used for pitching.
How much does this glove weigh?
The Nokona Pro Line Series: PL1200C (AMG1200SXCW) will weigh approximately 24 ounces.
John P.
Which line of gloves is the best for the more serious player?
The Nokona Pro Line Series (PL1200C AMG1200SXCW) would be an excellent option for a player who is serious about the game and wants the best out of his gear.
Do you have girls softball gloves?
Yes, we do have girls softball gloves. Unfortunately, we do not have Nokona 12.00" Pro Line Series Baseball Glove: PL-1200C in a softball model but if you are on our site, on the left hand side you can search for softball gloves only by selecting the option titled "Female Fastpitch".
I'm 12 years old and I play outfield and sometimes 3rd base. Would this be a good glove for me?
Yes, I think this Nokona 12" Pro Line (PL-1200C) would be a good option, as the 12" size is a good all-around size for both infield and outfield play.
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About the Brand

Joe Phillips writes about his visit to Nokona. It was like sitting in at the plantation party in Gone with the Wind or maybe gazing from the grandstand at the “Field of Dreams” while the Black Sox players tried to work out their idled muscle kinks. And, I was gently reminded by the lines in that movie while I dug into a delicious plate of North Texas barbecue: “threshing crews eating at outdoor tables. It continually reminds us of what once was, like an Indian-head penny in a handful of new coins. . . You talk a good dream.” And here I was. . . graciously invited into this magical and charming “Field of Glove-Making Dreams” in former Comanche Indian land at Nocona, Texas. It was a warm August evening, basked in a golden harvest moon, while friends and the Nokona family paid its kindly southern regards to two of their own and two of America’s finest but relatively obscure glove makers, Bobby Storey and Elvin Ray “Ab” Lemons. You see, the pair had just completed fifty years of time-honored employment with Nocona Athletic Goods, the last of the all-American made ball glove company's. The occasion brought echoes of past successes and human contentment, but in Nocona today you still experience much the same American texture of yesterday and perhaps a glimpse into tomorrow as well.

The two stately gentlemen were being honored in a way that could have taken place in the same manner when they first reported for full-time work at Nokona, in 1952, or back even earlier, in 1933 when the company started making sports equipment. During a brief and informal presentation at the celebration, Nokona’s new sales manager called the two glove makers “Legends - because that’s what their ball gloves stood for, American know-how and pride taken in a best-made product.”

A man of few words but a marveled craftsman who could literally conjure a sows ear into a playable baseball mitt, Mr. Lemons got up and fondly recalled the several men he worked with through his half-century and of the training that had been passed along to him from his old bosses.

His counter part and just as talented, Bobby Storey, had filled in at just about every job at Nokona. Bobby, the son of the sporting goods founder, R.E. “Bob” Storey had most recently served as president and now chairman of the board of Nokona. Though past retirement age like Mr. Lemons, he’s now serving at one of his favorite roles, that of ball glove designer.

At a time for employment in this country when five years is considered a long tenure with the same company, Ab and Bobby are not even the first to complete a half-century journey with Nocona Athletics. The now deceased Jewell Brickey, hit that milestone in 1993, after joining the company during World War II. That’s the kind of devotion that employees forge into this glove-making outfit. A devoted and sustained tenure here is not rare. Last year the company advertising, displayed along with Storey and Lemons, three other employees who had garnered 40 years with Nokona, Warren Clary, Bud Meekins, and Melvin Weedin.“

I don’t have to tell you that the one constant through all the years has been baseball”, wrote W.P. Kinsella. And the most constant of ball glove makers has been Nokona, and the men and women there who keep alive the tradition of American craftsmanship of ball glove making. The spirit of glove-making is still alive and well in Nocona, Texas.

Glove Properties

Nokona 12.00" Pro Line Series Baseball Glove: PL-1200C
Color Brown
Feel Stiff
Glove Type Baseball
Position Third Base Outfield Pitcher Infield
Price $200 - $299.99
Recommended Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult
Size 12.00
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Nokona
Web Type Fully Closed
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