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2024 Wilson A2000 Lineup

When it comes to the top quality leather gloves for baseball and softball, players and coaches agree that Wilson A2000s stand atop the list. Each glove is constructed from the finest materials in the game to give players the confidence to attack every hot shot ground ball or screaming line drive. Beyond the performance, A2000s offer players an incredibly durable glove that looks like it belongs on a big league diamond. We can’t stress it enough, Wilson A2000s are among the most popular gloves in the world.

Which makes this part even more exciting… 

The new Wilson A2000s for 2024 are now available at JustGloves! But wait, before you go running off to pick out your favorite new glove, take a few minutes to enjoy our breakdown of the 2024 Wilson A2000 lineup. In this breakdown, we will discuss what you can expect to see on all of these new gloves, some of Wilson’s latest glove innovations, and a couple of Expert picks from the 2024 release. We hope you enjoy it.

What Is Wilson's Pedroia Fit?

The A2000 Mainstays

The 2024 A2000s have the glove community buzzing with excitement and a lot of that stems from the confidence that players will have in the builds of these gloves. Wilson has been doing a handful of things the same way on their A2000s for many seasons and this has helped create the consistency that people expect when they purchase an A2000 glove. The below features will be found on every single A2000...

Pro Stock Leather 

If you have owned an A2000 in the past, you know the leather quality is second to none. Built from world-class Pro Stock leather, A2000s will outlast lesser gloves. Get one of these models and enjoy the full benefits of the rugged leather build that is supported by the professional-grade leather laces that help hold the Pro Stock material together.

Dual Welting

The Dual Welting of the A2000s is integrated into the glove’s backing and the inner finger stalls of the glove. The Rolled Dual Welting on the back of the glove helps the glove maintain its structure over time and the Dual Welting on the inner finger stalls helps create a shape that better fits the fingers of a human (i.e. it is more comfortable).

Dri Lex Wrist Lining

For many years, Wilson has been crafting their A2000s with a unique wrist backing liner. This piece of the glove touches the back of a player's hand and wrist while it is in the glove and the material creates a soft and foam like feel on the back of the hand. This wrist lining will also help wick away moisture from a player's hand and keep things as dry as possible while in the glove. 

Recent A2000 Innovations

Within the last five or so years, Wilson has started incorporating some new features into their baseball and fastpitch A2000 gloves. It is exciting to know that such an established company like Wilson is still willing to experiement and add new things to this illustrious line of gloves. Check out some of the new stuff below...

Pro Lux Inner Palm Lining

Treat your hand to one of the most comfortable gloves on the market. The Pro Lux Inner Palm Lining will be the leather material that your palm rests on while it is in the glove. And nearly all A2000s showcase this rich and soft feeling liner that will mold to your hand over time. The more you use your A2000, the more comfortable it will become for your individual hand due to the Pro Lux Liner.

Pro Lux Inner Palm Lining


Flat Finger Binding

Most of these gloves are designed with a flatter binding construction to allow players to easily wear with their index finger outside of the glove. By sewing a seam through the binding that goes around the glove's backing, that binding becomes flatter and a player can comfortably wear their index finger out. Deciding whether to wear the index finger on the back of the glove is purely personal preference, but many player's today prefer to wear their glove in this manner.

Flat Finger Binding


Spin Control

Within the past couple of years, Wilson has begun to incorporate Spin Control Technology into the palms (and even some of the backings) of select Wilson A2000s. This technology consists in the form of hundreds of dimples on the leather of the glove. When the dimples are placed within the palm of the glove and a catch is being made, the dimples exert more friction on a baseball or softball (up to 5% more friction) and make it less likely for the ball to come loose from the grip of the glove.

Spin Control Technology


Two 2024 Expert Picks

Finally, there have been a few baseball and fastpitch models released this fall that have really caught the eyes of some of our Glove Experts. Check those ones out below...

1) Wilson A2000 SuperSkin B23 12" Baseball Glove: WBW10139112

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin B23 12 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop The A2000 B23

This pitcher model of glove changes things up big-time from a style perspective! For the very first time Wilson is introducing their swordsman webbing to the public. When it comes to closed webs, pitchers have been limited over the years to a few webs that properly hide their pitch grip from the batter, but Swordsman web on this glove provides a new option. 

Along with the new webbing, this glove also features a couple of newer Wilson innovations to help create a comfortable fit for pitchers. The pinky stall of the glove has been widened to allow for the pinky and ring finger to fit well inside of that slot. And if the pitcher decides to wear the glove with his pinky and ring finger in the pinky stall, the wrist strap has been modified to comfortably cover the player's knuckles while they wear the glove.

Three More Reasons To Buy:

  1. The SuperSkin backing makes the glove lighter, stronger and more moisture repellant than a regular leather-backed glove
  2. Dri-Lex Lining on the inside of the glove pads the back of the wrist and helps keep the hand dry
  3. Rolled Dual Welting on the back of the fingers promotes more comfortable finger stalls and allows the glove to retain shape over time


2) Wilson A2000 H12 12" Fastpitch Softball Glove: WBW10140312

Wilson A2000 H12 12 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The A2000 Fastpitch H12

The H12 is the do-it-all glove for the fastpitch infielder. The 12 inch length can shine at Second Base, Short Stop or Third Base. Unlike baseball, where the ball can get lost in the length of a twelve inch glove when it is used on the infield, a softball is large enough to prevent it from rattling around within this size of glove. An infielder will be able to field the softball, locate it in the glove and fire the ball to first base with ease.

Additionally, the Wilson H-Web (commonly called an I-Web) gives it an irresistable look that softball players have really come to love over the years. And don't sleep on the colorway either. The pops of pink on the binding and welting make the glove stand out when you get an up-close look at it!

More Reasons To Shop The H12:

  1. Pro Stock Leather provides durability and is smooth to the touch
  2. Drawstring Lace Wrist Closure allows for fast wrist size adjustments to be made on the fly
  3. Flat Finger Binding on the back of the glove allows a player to easily wear their index finger on the outside of the glove


We hope that we've got you educated and excited for the new 2024 Wilson A2000 launch. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Glove Experts by calling at 866-321-4568, emailing via or by live chatting right here! Always remember that JustGloves is here from Click to Catch!


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