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The Wilson A2000 Autism Speaks Series

This past spring, Wilson launched the fifth edition of their Love The Moment collection of A2000 ballgloves. The Love The Moment collection is built of Wilson-brand baseball products (Wilson, Louisville Slugger & EvoShield) that are designed in conjunction with the organization, Autism Speaks. 

Each year, these products are launched during the month of April, which happens to be Autism Awareness month in the United States. It is the hope of both Wilson and Autism Speaks that within the baseball community, awareness of those living with Autism can be increased by through specially branded products.


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The Autism Speaks Colorway & Love The Moment Stamp

Wilson has adopted the Autism Speaks’ signature blue colorway as a permanent color option in their offerings. Wilson employs this blue color on their Pro Stock leather when crafting Love The Moment collection gloves each year. And in addition to using it on this collection, “Autism Speaks Blue” is also a color selection available on their Wilson Custom Glove builder featured at their website.

Another unique aspect of these Autism Speaks gloves will be that they all have had the Love The Moment slogan stamped right into the leather on the pinky of the gloves. As alluded to earlier, the Love the Moment slogan is the marker that indicates the partnership between Wilson and Autism Speaks.

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Autism Speaks A2000s Through The Years

    • 2019 - This was the very first collaboration between the two entities. Wilson was pretty coy in using a blue color for their first edition of this glove and let the gray-colored Pro Stock leather command most of the glove’s look. Even though it did not take center stage, the pops of baby blue on the binding, welting and logos still looked pretty sharp.

      Wilson was smart with the pattern they used when they built this initial model as well. The 1786 glove pattern has been and still is one of Wilson’s most popular A2000 patterns. A 1786 model features an 11.5 inch length that allows for quick transfers from glove to throwing hand and therefore works well at shortstop, second base and third base. This pattern of glove has continued to be used in Autism Speaks launches through the years.


    • 2020 - Wilson decided to go a little bolder with the colors on their 1786 Autism Speaks model in 2020. The main color of their Pro Stock leather was the baby blue used the year earlier. However, they finally allowed the Autism Speaks signature blue to shine on the lacing and binding of the glove.


  • 2021 - The signature blue fully shined on the 2021 model. Once again, 1786 was the chosen pattern to meet the demands of infielders. Aside from the color, things got more dynamic in 2021 as Wilson ushered in their bold logo that ditched the traditional circle surrounding the Wilson “W'' on the thumb base. This “W'' also featured a cool color gradient that transitioned from blue to red. And you can actually still buy this 2021 edition of the glove on our site!

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    • 2022 - Wilson went all in on their Love The Moment collection of A2000s in 2022. Instead of sticking to only a 1786 pattern glove, they expanded and built five different patterns of A2000s. Overall, it was a pretty fantastic collection of gloves:


  • 2023 - Earlier this year, Wilson dropped their latest edition of the Love The Moment Collection! And although it released in 2023, they techincally are referring to it as the 2024 edition. They crushed it with another 1786 model and Wilson ensured that they pulled out all the stops for Autism Speaks. A portion of the proceeds received from the sale of these gloves went to Autism Speaks. In addition to that, throughout the month of April, customers that checked out on the Wilson site were invited to make a donation to Autism Speaks.

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We hope that your enjoyed perusing through the Wilson Autism Speaks gloves that we have featured over the years! If you're still looking around and needing some professional advice...why not give our JustGloves Experts a shout?!? They can be called at 866-321-2287, emailed via or you can LIVE CHAT them here!


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