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What Are The Benefits Of Nokona's Kangaroo Leather?

What Are The Benefits Of Nokona's Kangaroo Leather?

Many of you have probably seen that a lot of Nokona gloves on the market are made with Kangaroo Leather. But, do you know the benefits of using this form of leather?

Our goal at is to expand upon these benefits and break down why they are important towards the construction of your next Nokona glove. Since 1934, Nokona has been hand-crafting gloves in Nocona, Texas. The company remains proud to make top-quality ball gloves for America's pastime and is considered one of the best glove brands on the market.

Background on Nokona

Nokona remains the only major glove manufacturer to have its entire production line located in the United States. Furthermore, each glove is handcrafted, individually cut, stamped, stitched, laced, and embroidered, which gives every glove its own unique identity and feel.

Fun Fact: When Nokona combines Kangaroo Leather with Steerhides, it is called a Buckaroo™.

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What makes kangaroo leather different than cow or goat leather?

Kangaroo Leather, known as “K-Leather,” is pound for pound the strongest natural leather available. When compared directly to cow and goat leather, the kangaroo hide has 10 times the tensile strength of cowhide and 150% the strength of goat hide. What makes it even more impressive is how thin the hide is. This allows for a finished product to be better controlled by the player because it is inherently lighter in weight than gloves made with different leather. Furthermore, Kangaroo Leather also has greater abrasion and perspiration resistance, which improves durability and extends the life of the glove.

So what are the key takeaways about Kangaroo Leather?

The main advantages of Nokona’s Kangaroo Leather:

  • Incredibly Strong
  • Lightweight for Optimal Control
  • More Abrasion Resistant
  • Less Impacted by Perspiration for a Longer Lifespan

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Bad Joke: What’s the first name of a youth Nokona Kangaroo Leather glove? ...Joey

To wrap things up, we would certainly recommend that you at least consider a Nokona Kangaroo Leather glove the next time you are in the market for a new mitt. They are extremely reliable gloves that will provide you with a high level of performance. If any of you have ever owned/used one, please comment below and tell us about your experience!

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