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Top 2022 Glove Releases

There’s nothing better than the announcement of new glove releases. Having a chance to peep the next gloves is one of the biggest rushes for glove enthusiasts worldwide. So today, we will create the central hub for all of the 2022 baseball glove releases coming this fall. We’re talking about glove launches from the biggest brands on the diamond like Rawlings, Wilson, Mizuno, and more. If you’re to shop for the best gloves in 2022, you’ve landed at the right place.

The following list is composed of popular gloves that will be released for the 2022 season. While there will be more glove releases than just those on the list, these are the most anticipated launches for the season. In no particular order, here are the top 2022 baseball gloves.

2022 Gloves Launches to Watch

Rawlings REV1X - Already Released!

When it comes to baseball gloves, Rawlings consistently delivers every single year. The REV1X lines up to be no exception to this rule. Their launch in 2022 will provide players with a new high-end glove option on the market. Each of these 2022 Rawlings gloves implements a durable shell created by a 3D carbon brand printer. That’s right, Rawlings is now using 3D printers to innovate the way gloves are made. How awesome is that!? 

Beyond the futuristic carbon shell, the REV1X’s will offer fielders an Adaptive Fit System designed to create the perfect fit for every hand. And as always, the leather quality appears to be second-to-none, as Rawlings will use Heart of the Hide leathers to build out the core construction of each glove. If you are looking to shop for Rawlings REV1X gloves, be sure to head over to JustGloves and add Glove Assurance at checkout.

Wilson A2000s - August 2021

There’s no denying the fanfare that Wilson’s A2000s receive every time a new lineup is released. Built from premium Pro Stock leather and sporting one of the consistently cleanest looks in the game, A2000 baseball gloves and softball gloves are sought after by players of all ages. We anticipate the 2022 releases to generate the same levels of excitement and buzz.

The new A2000 gloves will be released as a full lineup, including softball gloves, catchers mitts, and first base mitts. The full details of these gloves have not been released yet, but we do know that superstars Tim Anderson and Kelsey Stewart will headline the launch. Look for these gloves to release sometime in August.

Glove Assurance

Easton Professional Collection - September 2021

The Easton Professional Collection will contain some of the top baseball and softball gloves for 2022. The Professional Collection gives infielders and outfielders an all-leather glove designed to outperform and outlast the competition by taking advantage of Kip leather. Look for any glove from this release to arrive stiff and allow players to break in each glove precisely to their liking. Every diamond sport (baseball, fastpitch & slow pitch) will be represented by the Professional Collection. 

Easton has an extensive resume of past NCAA champions and current professional superstars. They work closely with all of their athletes to ensure that the product they provide meets their standards in quality and performance. If you are in the market for a new glove in 2022, swing by JustGloves and pick up a brand-new Easton Professional Collection. Look for these gloves to arrive by the end of September.

Mizuno Techfire & Mizuno Prospect Select - August 2021

When you play with a Mizuno glove, you can feel the difference. Whether you are buying a youth glove for a smaller player or grabbing a slow pitch glove for beer league softball, a Mizuno glove can do it all.

Looking specifically at the Mizuno Techfire Slow Pitch gloves, each will provide players with a hybrid construction (leather + synthetic material) designed to retain shape better over time. Each glove will offer an easy break-in period allowing you to get onto the field faster than most slow pitch gloves. Lastly, each glove in the Mizuno Techfire series is slated to be a slow-pitch softball glove for under $100. They’re dependable, durable, affordable, and should be available by the end of August. 

Let’s move over to a smaller diamond and take a look at arguably the best youth baseball and softball gloves for 2022. The Mizuno Prospect Select series features youth gloves designed to play anywhere on the field. Each glove will arrive nearly broken in to allow players to hit the field straight from the box. A leather shell will help retain the shape of each glove, while the buttery soft palm liner will allow your player to play comfortably. And given the low price point of each glove, Prospect Select gloves are the best value youth glove in the game.

Everything Marucci - Already Released!

Marucci has five (5!) new glove lineups releasing in 2022. Each offers a slight variance from the others, which means there is a Marucci glove for any player. Looking at the upcoming Marucci glove releases, there are four lineups for baseball and one for fastpitch.

Marucci Baseball Gloves for 2022:

Marucci baseball, softball, and youth gloves continue to evolve with time. They are a company that prides itself on innovation and dependability. If you are looking for a quality leather glove, the Ascension series fits the bill perfectly. Each glove is made from lightweight steerhide to allow for easy control, while a moisture-wicking lining will keep your hand dry even on the hottest summer days. 

Shop for a 2022 Marucci glove today!


JustGloves Exclusives - Fall of 2021

Hey! Where did you get that glove? Shop the full selection of exclusive gloves. Models like the Rawlings Mark of a Pros are only found at JustGloves. We will continue to add to our exclusive collection throughout the fall season. Be sure to continue checking out the latest exclusive releases to see what head-turning, eye-popping, hand-loving gloves are available only at JustGloves!

How to shop for a baseball glove?

The easiest way to shop for a new baseball glove is by using the Glove Coach available at JustGloves. This simple tool will prompt you to answer a few questions before providing you with an entire list of appropriate gloves. If you still need guidance deciphering through gloves, pick up the phone and call one of our knowledgeable Glove Experts. They’d be more than happy to assist you with any of your glove buying needs.

*Be sure to continue checking this page as we will continue updating the information as it is made available to us*

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