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Routine Baseball Review

A little over a decade ago, a group of friends in Milwaukee, WI identified a problem. The problem was that if they wanted to represent the sport of baseball in their clothing, they had one route to pursue: go after the mass-produced designs made by professional teams. They had found that those styles weren't unique and they were left unsatisfied. 

However, these fellas were inspired to go beyond just identifying the problem and in the summer of 2011, they put forth their answer to the problem. That answer was Routine Baseball. It was the original baseball lifestyle brand. It's goal was to create clothing for ball players and fans who were wanting gear that went beyond just supporting their favorite squad. 

And the baseball world noticed...

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Routine Picks Up Steam...

Shortly after the 2011 launch, baseball had their eyes on Routine. It didn't matter if you were playing NAIA ball in the Ozarks of Missouri or if you were a big leaguer raking in millions of dollars a year, it was an undeniable fact that Routine Baseball gear (especially their tees) was cool. As well, it represented players much better than the run-of-the-mill team gear that had existed up to that point. Just check out some of the pro athletes and the Routine designs they rocked:

Another reason that the t-shirts and headwear were awesome was that they weren't gaudy in the fact that they were indeed baseball gear. Prior to 2011, most baseball-inspired clothing pretty much had you going around town with a sign on your chest and back that said, "I LOVE BASEBALL AND THIS IS MY FAVORITE TEAM". 

Since the beginning, things have been different with Routine. Although some of the Routine gear certainly is baseball in its nature, many of their shirts or hats could be worn to a get-together that is non-baseball related and the folks at the party wouldn't think twice about the item being worn. And if they do take notice that it is a baseball shirt, they'll usually be amused at the creativity of cleverness of how it is created. Check out some of the classic designs below:


A Routine Staple: Today We All Wear 42

One of the staple items that has been with Routine for many years now is the Today We All Wear 42 design. This design is special as it commemorates the man who broke the color barrier that existed in American professional baseball prior to 1947. This super cool shirt takes the fonts of all pro baseball teams and has the number 42 written in those fonts on the back of the shirt. If you want to honor the trailblazer that donned the number 42 in Brooklyn to change baseball and our nation, then you should get this shirt:

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Shop Today We All Wear 42


More Than Clothing: Scents of the Game

Recently, Routine has started carrying what this writer thinks is one of the most fun baseball-related items on the market: Scents of the Game. It consists of body care products...but with a baseball twist.

You could go to the store and pick up your boring-boris toiletry items -or- you could go for Scents of the Game and get Baseball Glove Leather scented shampoo. It doesn't stop there. You'll have your choice between pine tar smelling or champagne fragrant body wash. And if you're a luffa kinda guy, the Scents of the Game scrubber will remind you of the turf seen in the Astrodome a couple of decades back:

Shop Scents of the Game

Shop Scents of the Game

But the absolute best part of the Scents of the Game 5-Tool Travel Kit has to be the Fresh Cut Grass deodorant. It legit smells like fresh cut grass. And not that dirty cut smell that you get when you turn over your lawn mower to clean your blades right after mowing. We're talking about that smell that you get when you arrive at the ball park early in the morning with the dew just starting to steam off of the grass that was cut the evening before. It's simply incredible:

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Routine Today...Streetwear & Beyond

Today Routine is commited to their roots of being the the original baseball lifestyle brand. They've still got tees and headwear that can be worn to any kind of outing that you could be attending. However, they've also started to venture into a little bit of a new realm: baseball performance gear.

Seriously, you could go to a training session and be nearly decked out in exclusively Routine clothing. Their DiamondSights sunglasses are cleverly named and as cool as the shades you'll find from any big name brand out there. Their shorts are lightweight and easy for training. Just check out this guy below:

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We hope that you're inspired to go check out the Routine site after reading through our write up on the original baseball lifestyle brand! But if you came here to shop for gloves, feel free to reach out to a member of our team of Glove Experts. They are a kind bunch of individuals and they can be reached three ways. Phone: 866-321-2287. Email: Chat: Live Chat Them Here


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