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The Marucci Nightshift Series

Eric Walbridge, affectinately known as the Glove Cowboy (and officially known as Marucci's Glove Designer), has brewed up something special over the past couple of years.

He has always been on the forefront of bringing life to the baseball glove market. Traditionally, baseball gloves (and all baseball equipment for that matter) has followed a code that says there are a set few ways that you should be crafting equipment, end of discussion. But the Cowboy says, "if its within the rules of the game, look good and you perform well with it...then use it." And lucky enough for him, there are hardly any rules when it comes to baseball gloves. 

With this on his mind, he has contrived the Marucci Nightshift Series. The moniker, Nightshift, was obvious as the ideas for these market-changing gloves best flow to his mind when the evening hours set in and he can remove himself from his corporate title, Marucci Glove Designer. In his own words, he says these gloves reveal themselves to him at "[his] office...but later" and he alludes that the name represents "hours when [he's] more creative." 

When you're perusing the offerings within the Marucci Nightshift Series you'll find gloves that have "No timelines, no line plans, definitely no approval from marketing." The Nightshift collection is where you'll get to see Eric answer the question "What would you create with no limits?"

If you want to find out what the Glove Cowboy would do with nothing holding him back, keep on reading...


Learn About The Marucci Glove Cowboy


The Marucci Nightshift Designs

As alluded to above, these are the gloves that make a marketing director take a huge gulp as he or she looks them over. It is true that they are nearly always designed as a baseball infielder glove with a length 12 inches or shorter. But after that, all tradition is thrown to the wind. You're going to see references to pop culture (watch out marketing team!), colors that clash (but do they actually clash?) and gloves that make you laugh (remember, there's no laughing in baseball). 

Initially, these gloves were only sold on the Marucci website. But as time went on, permission was granted for retailers like JustGloves to carry them. And in November of 2022, we listed our very first Marucci Nightshift glove!

The goal of the Nightshift line is to create: Intentionally uncomplicated, deliberately unrepeated, make-you-stop-and-stare [gloves]. Just take a quick gander at the six models that JustGloves has had the honor to carry thus far:

Marucci Nightshift Line-Up

Shop Nightshift Series


What's Next For The Nightshifts?

The scary but truthful answer is that we don't know! It's all up to the Glove Cowboy and if his creativity will continue to flow in the hours when he takes off the Marucci Glove Designer badge and puts in those extra hours while working on the Nightshift. We've received a number of these releases and we hope that they'll keep coming.

Eric gives us hope that he'll keep delivering when he says “designing gloves is my passion, but designing these gloves is an outlet, a duty, a compulsion I can’t not explore."

And in case your interested, here's a little security video footage we snagged of Eric at the Marucci HQs:


If you still have questions about the Nightshifts or Marucci Gloves in general, then feel free to reach out to our team of experts. They can be called at 866-321-4568, emailed at or just LIVE CHAT them here!


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