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Why You Should Get Your Bats From JustBats

JustBats Review

We are always surprised at how frequently customers don’t know that JustGloves and JustBats are sister websites. The same great experience that you’ve had at one site will be replicated when you visit the other. So if you’ve arrived at the JustGloves site, but are really in the market for baseball bats or softball bats, then please head over to JustBats where you’ll find the top selection from your favorite bat companies like DeMarini, Louisville Slugger and Marucci!

Bat Assurance Program

JustBats Review

Over the years, JustBats has been helping players collect game winning hits by getting bats out to them in a timely manner, offering expert bat-buying advice and solving problems for customers. Here are a couple of our favorite reviews of JustBats from Google:

  • “JustBats has the BEST customer service.  My son had his entire bat bag stolen out of our car.  We had 3 bats, his glove, helmet, everything in this bag.  I called Just Bats to re-order our most recent purchase  and they rushed shipped it for free, it was literally at our front door less than 18 hours later.  The employee was kind and sympathetic and made sure this was a priority.  My son has always loved the bats that we've purchased here but this solidified that we will never order a bat from anywhere else.  Thank you Just Bats!”

    - Kimberly Linn

  • “Just ordered a bat for my six-year-old and not having done that before had some questions around weight and length based on how big he was, bat speed, etc.  I reached out to customer service and within a few minutes had someone building a profile on my six-year-old and and made a few recommendations along with links to selections. I made my selection and then received my bat in the mail the next day. This was the online shopping experience that every other company should be trying to emulate.”

    - Grant Gooding

Reasons To Buy From JustBats

The Bat Coach

The Bat Coach is an awesome tool as it only needs your player’s height, weight and type of bat needed (BBCOR, Youth, Fastpitch, etc…) to spit out a length suggestion for you. You can use the Bat Coach in it’s full form right here.

Pick Your Pack

Maybe your team is playing in a one-off wood baseball bat tournament and you need a few wood bats at a discount. Or maybe you’re managing the neighborhood slow pitch squad and you just found out the team has no bats. No matter the case…if you want to bundle a couple or a few bats together and have some say over the bats that go into the pack…our Pick Your Pack program is for you.

JustBats Pick Your Pack Program

Pick Your Own Pack



We get it. You want to personalize your gear, but you don’t want to write your name on the gear with a sharpie marker. That’s where our personalization options come into play! Keep reading to check out three of our favorite ways to personalize a bat.

  • Bat Engraving - Go ahead and throw your name and jersey number on your bat. But do it in style with our bat engraving capabilities. Keep a lookout on the individual bat pages for the personalization token:

    JustBats Personalization Token

    Then choose the name, font and even the color for the engraving! Place your order, get it delivered and never bring a sharpie marker close to your bat!

  • Knob Stickers - Do you want to put a picture of your player on the bat? If you answered “yes”, then a knob sticker is the route for you to go.  Similar to above, lookout for the personalization token on a bat page. Then find your favorite picture and upload it to the template. Size it as you need and you’ll be all set! And if you simply just want to put a name or number on the knob. We’ve got you covered with that as well!

  • Lizard Skins - Grips for baseball bat handles have been the rage for nearly a decade now. And at JustBats, we’ve made certain that we can bring you the top bat grip brand. Not only can you purchase your preferred color of Lizard Skins bat grip from us, but you can also determine the thickness of the grip and choose if you would prefer one of our fulfillment technicians to apply the grip for you!


Baseball Bat Bros Picks

Everyone loves the Baseball Bat Bros. Lucky for you (and us) we get to work with them directly! If you’re hunting for a BBCOR bat (or even a youth model) and want to know if it has the Baseball Bat Bros stamp of approval, then just head over to our page dedicated to the bats that have the baseball blessing of Will Taylor!

Shop Baseball Bat Bros Picks


Don’t Forget About Our Experts

The best resource for anyone looking to buy from JustBats is going to be the team of trained Bat Experts. These individuals are on the other end of the phone, email and chat line whenever you contact us. They have been trained in bat knowledge for all related sports. So no matter if your calling in to muse about slow pitch bats or to choose a youth fastpitch bat, our team is able and willing to help!


You may now be asking "How do I get ahold of the Experts?" Great question! The team of trained Bat Experts can be reached on the phone at 866-321-2287 (BATS). They can be emailed via And if you would prefer to have a live chat with one of them, head on over to their website! The JustBats team will be with you from CLICK TO HIT!

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