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Fastpitch Glove Sizing

Fastpitch Glove Sizing

There may not be a more reflex-dependent game in sports than fastpitch softball. With only 43 feet to react on each pitch and 60 feet to throw out a runner on a ground ball, you can’t hesitate. Every action you perform must be precise. There’s no time for missteps or pauses to think. Even so much as a bobble of the ball can be the difference between an out and an error. It makes finding the right softball glove for a fastpitch player essential. 

To help you shop for your next softball glove, let’s look at how to buy the proper glove size for the player in your life.

Understanding Fastpitch Glove Sizing

Finding the right glove size comes down to three main factors: Age, Position, and Player Preference. If you can apply these three factors to the player you are shopping for, you should seamlessly find the right glove size to meet your needs.


The age of your softball player will determine the size of the glove you are needing. Younger players will need smaller gloves, while older players will need larger gloves. On the surface, it may seem straightforward to most, but there’s a little more depth to it than that.

Younger softball players often do not have a primary position or a preference in glove size. As a result, you can often find yourself shopping for a size entirely based on a player’s age. For general guidance, we recommend:

  • 9” to 11.5” for softball players under the age of 8
  • 10” to 12” for softball players between the ages of 10 and 14
  • 11.5” to 13” for softball players in high school or beyond

These are just general guidelines to glove sizing for softball by age. Each player will be different and perform better with varying sizes of gloves.


Like baseball, fastpitch softball glove sizes vary based on the position your player plays on the diamond. If your player doesn’t play a primary position, be sure to shop for a utility softball glove designed to be effective at any position.

If you are in the market for an infield glove for softball, you will want to look for something smaller and easier to control. A smaller glove will create faster transfers on ground balls and double plays. Infield gloves will often feature I-Webs, H-Webs, and Closed Webs to deliver a consistent pocket for every catch. The following is general guidance if you are looking for a glove size based on your infielder’s age:

  • 9” to 11” for infielders under the age of 8
  • 10” to 11.5” for infielders between the ages of 10 and 14
  • 11.5” to 12.5” for infielders in high school or beyond

Pro Tip: Softball pitchers should look for a closed webbed glove between 11 and 12.5” in size.

Unlike their infield teammates, outfield gloves for softball should be among the largest gloves on the field. Outfielders are less dependent on needing to get the ball out of their glove as fast as possible, so they often choose to benefit from a bigger pocket that can chase down and secure fly balls. The most popular web types for softball outfielders are H-Webs, Basket Webs, or Fully Closed Webs. The following is general guidance if you are looking for a glove size based on your outfielder’s age:

  • 10.5” to 11.5” for outfielders under the age of 8
  • 11.5” to 12” for outfielders between the ages of 10 and 14
  • 12” to 13” for outfielders in high school or beyond

Pro Tip: Utility players should look for a glove between 11.5” and 12.5” in size.


Most players will say something along the lines of ‘I don’t care when asked what size softball glove they like. However, if your player does care, you will want to factor this into your glove search. Players like a smaller, most controllable glove can take a quarter to half-inch off the recommended sizing. You can add a quarter to half-inch for players that prefer a larger glove size. Ultimately, your softball player should have the final say (to a degree) on the glove they wear. As long as it does not hinder their ability to play the position, there is nothing wrong with straying beyond these size guidelines.

Trusted Glove Prep

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Glove Assurance

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