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7 Best Outfield Gloves In 2024

Best Outfield Gloves

In the last 30 years, baseball and fastpitch have been blessed to see some incredible outfield defense get displayed on their biggest stages. The greatest defender to ever roam MLB outfields came in the 1990s in the form of Andruw Jones. And since he retired, outfielders like Kevin Kiermaier and Lorenzo Cain have kept up the high standard of safeguarding the big green ocean. And on the fastpitch front, we’ve seen highlight reel catches from players like former LSU star AJ Andrews and her younger sister and Aliyah Andrews.

And why have we seen such impressive outfield defense since the arrival of the 1990s? In this writer’s opinion, there can only be 1 answer: The Glove

The modern outfield glove is lengthy and able to tightly secure a ball even when jostled around during a diving catch. In an era where we can more accurately measure defensive performance, it has become extremely important for fastpitch and baseball defenders to have the correct glove when heading out to roam the cavernous outfields on amateur ball fields. Because of that, our team of Glove Experts has put together this comprehensive list of 9 gloves that we believe outfielders must consider for use during 2024. Enjoy!

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Best Outfield Gloves For Baseball & Softball


  1. Wilson A2K SuperSkin MB50 Mookie Betts 12.5" Baseball Glove (WBW100471125)
  2. Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 12.75" Baseball Glove (PROR3319-6CB)
  3. Wilson A1000 12.5" Baseball Glove (WTA10RB20KP92)
  4. Mizuno MVP Prime 12.75" Baseball Glove (GMVP1275P4)

The Best 4 Outfield Baseball Gloves



  1. Rawlings R9 13" Fastpitch Softball Glove (R9SB130-6G)
  2. Easton Professional Collection 12.75" Fastpitch Softball Glove (PCFP1275)
  3. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin T125 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW100216125)

The Best 3 Outfield Fastpitch Gloves


Reviews For Best 3 Outfield Baseball Gloves

1) Wilson A2K SuperSkin MB50 Mookie Betts 12.5" Baseball Glove (WBW100471125)

Wilson A2K SuperSkin MB50 Mookie Betts 12.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop Mookie Betts

Although he hasn’t broken into the “best defensive outfielder of all time” conversation just yet, Mookie Betts might cement himself into that discourse within the next few years. He has an absolute cannon for an arm and if a baseball is in the air in the right field of Dodger Stadium, it’s probably going to get pulled down by Mookie's outfield glove. This beautiful Wilson A2K is 12.75 inches in length and Mookie's glove of choice when he takes to the big green ocean (a.k.a. the outfield). The beauty of it is created by the full SuperSkin backing that comes in blue and white colors. If you’re playing outfield on a team with colors that look anything close to the LA Dodgers, then you need to get this glove.

Top Glove Features

  • Pro Stock Select Leather Is The Best Leather Material From Wilson
  • SuperSkin Backing Keeps The Glove Lightweight, Moisture Repellant & Strong
  • H-Web Is The Most Popular Web Used By Outfielders


2) Rawlings Heart of the Hide R2G 12.75" Baseball Glove (PROR3319-6CB)

The Heart of the Hide R2G Outfield Glove

Shop HOH R2G Outfield

The name “Heart of the Hide” is synonymous with baseball glove lore. And this outfield model looks to carry on that strong tradition. It comes in the 12.75 inch length which is nearly the quintessential outfield length. Some might say that 12.5 inches is too small and others might say 13 inches is too big…but 12.75 inches falls right in the middle of those two and gets the job done. We also love the H-Web being added to this glove. An H-Web does not have a ton of lace being strung through it, thus when breaking the glove in, it extremely easy to pull on the pinky and thumb of the glove to widen the catching surface (this is opposed to a glove with a Modified T-Web which is hard to stretch and make the catching surface wide). When you’re patrolling the outfield you want a glove that is wide and lengthy. This Heart of the Hide does both of those things!

What are customers saying?

“Beautiful glove can tell the leather is of the highest quality. In my opinion nothing beats a rawlings glove.” JustGloves Customer, Michael Usselman


3) Wilson A1000 12.5" Baseball Glove (WTA10RB20KP92)

Wilson A1000 12.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Shop Wilson A1000

This A1000 is in the running to achieve GOAT glove status at JustGloves. We’ve carried this glove for a long time and it simply doesn’t disappoint. If you are looking for a glove that will cover some ground in the outfield (12.5 inches…check) and break in within a short amount of time (A1000s have a “soft feel that forms to the player’s hand without a meticulous break-in”...check), then you need to consider picking up this A1000. It is made in the KP92 pattern that was inspired by the late Hall of Famer, Kirby Puckett. This pattern incorporates the Modified T-Web into its design which is a real show-stopper in regard to looks.

Customer chatter on the A1000:

“My son was told he would be playing the outfield. He only had an infielders glove. Bought the A1000 because it is supposed to be able to be broken in very quickly. It was ready to use in 2 days.” - JustGloves Customer, Brian Hilbert


Reviews For Best 3 Outfield Fastpitch Gloves

1) Rawlings R9 13" Fastpitch Softball Glove (R9SB130-6G)

Rawlings R9 13 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop Rawlings R9 Fastpitch

When you purchase a glove, you want to know exactly what you’re purchasing. And maybe more than any other glove out there, the Rawlings R9 series provides that for customers. Take for example this customer comment that we received on this glove:

“...came 70% broken in, just as described. Couple of weeks of backyard catch and it was ready to go.”

These gloves are actually advertised as coming 80% broken in, but we think you get the point. Most fastpitch players will get this glove and want to be able to take it into the outfield within a quick amount of time. Reviews like the one above indicate that the glove should be able to meet that expectation.

And don’t forget about the general make-up of the glove. 13 inches will cover the big green ocean with ease and the H-Web will allow the glove to open up wide and bring in softballs with ease!


2) Easton Professional Collection 12.75" Fastpitch Softball Glove (PCFP1275)

Easton Professional Collection 12.75 Inch Fastpitch Glove

Shop Pro Collect FP Outfield Glove

All players want to be proud of the glove they take with them to the outfield. If you settle in on getting this Professional Collection model, then you’ll definitely be proud! The white leather and tan lacing go together extremely well. Add a few grass stains from laying out for some softballs in the outfield and it will have the final touch of character necessary to become your favorite glove of all time!

And although we haven’t mentioned it thus far in this article! Pricing never hurts when making a purchase. This Pro Collect model is built with quality steerhide, but you’re going to be looking to get a decent percentage off at the checkout! Save money and look good with this Easton fastpitch glove!

A Couple More Reasons To Consider A Pro Collect:

  • Rawhide Lace of the glove can handle 100 lbs of tensile strength
  • Moisture wicking pad lines back of wrist in the glove and helps keep inside of glove as cool and dry as possible


3) Wilson A2000 SuperSkin T125 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (WBW100216125)

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin T125 12.5 Inch Fastpitch Softball Glove

Shop The A2000 Fastpitch

In most cases, we wouldn’t put a glove on this list that is only available for left handed throwers, but this one is an exception. A Wilson A2000 at this kind of deal needs to be shouted from the rooftops, even if it is only for lefties. Plus, we probably don’t give enough attention to left hand thrower gloves as it is!

This model comes with a length of 12.5 inches, which definitely qualifies it for outfield use. As well, it features Wilson’s SuperSkin backing to it. A knock that you might hear about a lengthier outfield glove (12.5 inches and longer) is that it feels too heavy. Well, the SuperSkin backing on this glove is going to reduce the weight and should make it easier to tote this glove into the big green ocean day after day, month after month, season after season!

Three More Reasons To Buy:

  • Pro Stock Leather of A2000s is rugged + has unbeatable feel
  • Flat Finger Binding makes it easier to wear your index finger on the outside backing of the glove
  • Drawstring Lace Wrist Closure allows for quick and easy wrist size adjustments


If you’ve made it this far then you can consider yourself an expert on outfield gloves during the year 2024. However, there is always more to learn (even for our Glove Experts). If you have more questions about selecting an outfield glove, please reach out at 866-321-4568, by email at or by chatting with one of our Glove Experts right here.


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