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Best Outfield Gloves

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When patrolling the outfield, players are always looking to get their hands on the best gloves. Top outfield gloves give players an advantage as they range to catch a fly ball or charge in to throw out a runner on the bases. 

As you shop for your next outfield glove, look for gloves made from leather. Authentic leather gloves give players a natural feel, and they hold up better than synthetic materials. 

What makes an excellent outfield glove?

For starters, the best outfield gloves will provide players with a big, confidence-instilling pocket. This allows players to attack plays in the outfield and even the freedom to leave their feet when need be. 

We also recommend shopping for an outfield glove that will properly retain its shape over time. Avoiding a flimsy glove protects against costly, undeserved errors. And even worse, upset coaches and teammates. Both Wilson and Rawlings are notable brands that build strong, dependable outfield gloves.

How to catch a fly ball?

When you go to catch a fly ball, use your eyes to tell your feet what to do. Track the ball off the bat and move to an area you think the ball will land. Beginners will likely need to keep their eyes on the ball the entire time it is in the air, but as you become more comfortable, you'll cover more ground by running to the spot before then relocating the ball. Once you are positioned under the ball, raise your glove above your shoulders and watch it into your glove. Practice catching fly balls and the whole practice will soon become relatively routine and an automatic out. 

Best Baseball Outfield Gloves

Multiple lines have proven themselves to be elite baseball gloves for outfielders. Glove lines like the Wilson A2000s, Rawlings Heart of the Hides, Nokona Alphas, Marucci Pro Founders, and many more all make great options for serious players.

We've picked out two of our favorites based on customer feedback, Glove Expert analysis, and verified glove reviews.

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin 12.75" Baseball Glove (WTA20RB191799SS)

From the rugged Pro Stock leather to the versatile SuperSkin backing, it's easy to see why so many players fall in love with this outfield glove. It does carry a higher price tag, so that's certainly something to keep in mind. But if this is bought for a serious high school or college outfielder, this A2000 could very well be the last glove they ever have to buy.

Notable Features:

  • H-Web
  • Rolled Dual Welting
  • 1799 Pattern - Lengthy + Deep Pocket
  • Customizable Break-In

Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Review

Pros: Lightweight, durability, craftsmanship, performance 

Cons: Be prepared for an extensive break in.

Shoeless Joe Professional Series 13" Baseball Glove (1300MT)

If you're looking for a traditional, all-leather outfield glove, the Shoeless Joe Professional Series is perfect for you. It's one of the best gloves under $200 on the market. The hand-rubbed, softened leather stimulates the senses. The look, the smell, and the feel all harken back to previous generations of ballplayers. One of the only complaints about this glove is the lack of padding on the palm, so be sure to snag everything in the web. Apart from that, most every player agrees that the Shoeless Joe Professional Series is one of the best value buys for outfield gloves.

Notable Features:

  • Modified Trap Web
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
  • Individually Hand-Cut and Sewn
  • Each Glove is Unique and Unstructured

Shoeless Joe Professional Series Review

Pros: Amazing Glove, Ready to play right out of the box. Great Quality! This glove turns heads. 

Cons: None

If you are looking for help breaking in your next glove purchase, be sure to checkout with Trusted Glove Prep from JustGloves.

Best Fastpitch Outfield Gloves

Fastpitch softball is one of the most electrifying sports in the world. Just looking at the dimensions of a fastpitch softball field, it's merely 60-feet from base to base and only 43-feet from the pitcher's slab to the back of home plate. As the namesake suggests, fastpitch softball is… fast!

Fielders are forced to be on their toes at all times, and everyone must be confident in their glove. To help you shop for your confident catch, we have selected our two top outfield gloves for fastpitch softball. These selections were made based on customer feedback, Glove Expert analysis, and verified glove reviews.

Nokona Buckaroo 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (BKF-1250)

If price isn't a factor, the Nokona Buckaroo is the top outfield glove for fastpitch softball. It is built from a blend of steerhide and kangaroo leather to last players multiple seasons, regardless of the number of games on the schedule. The closed web is consistent and defines the pocket extremely well. The lone downside is the price tag, but if you're looking to invest in the future of your player's game, you can't go wrong with the Buckaroo.

Notable Features:

  • Closed Web
  • Adjustable Wrist Strap
  • Single Finger Opening
  • Individually Handcrafted in the USA

Nokona Buckaroo Review

Pros: Glove seems very well made. Fit and feel are really good. Breaking in as expected, but I would not say it is ready to play out of the box. So far, [my] daughter loves it.  

Cons: None with glove. For the price, a glove bag should be included to protect it.

Rawlings Heart of the Hide 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (PRO125SB-18GW)

Made from the top 5% of Rawlings' leather hides, the Heart of the Hide series continues to be the gold standard in softball. This premium outfield softball glove is tailored to fit a female athlete's hand, giving players better control in the outfield. However, the most exciting feature might be the factory break-in. This Heart of the Hide will arrive 80% broken-in through a series of intentional actions to get your player out of the diamond faster.

Notable Features:

  • Double Laced Basket Web
  • Deer Tanned Cowhide Plus Palm
  • Plush, Full-Grain Finger Back Lining
  • Tennessee Tanning Company Rawhide Laces Add Structure & Strength

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Review

Pros: Look even better in person! Beautiful leather. Built to last. We recommend this to any serious softball player.

Cons: Would prefer a velcro strap, but that's just preference.

Best Slow Pitch Outfield Gloves

With guys and girls stepping into the box with the hottest slow pitch softball bats on the planet, you better be sure your glove is ready to catch a few rockets. To gain some confidence in the glove you're using, we've picked out our favorite slow pitch outfield gloves for you to shop. 

These gloves are player tested and player approved. We scanned glove reviews, listened to your feedback, and even tried the gloves out ourselves before making these top outfield glove recommendations.

Miken Player Series 15" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (PS150-PH)

Slow pitch players love Miken's Player Series. There are multiple sizes for outfielders to choose from, but the largest outfield glove from Miken appears to be the favorite. At an eye-popping 15 inches in length, the reach it provides is perfect for any slow pitch outfielder. We also love the soft full-grain leather, along with the nearly broken-in nature of the glove straight out of the box. Players searching for a big glove to use in the outfield need to shop for this Miken Player Series glove.

Notable Features:

  • H-Web
  • Sting Reducing PORON XRD Palm Pad
  • Designed With Enlarged Pocket
  • Adjustable Non-Slip Pull Back Strip

Miken Player Series Review

Pros: Bought the 15" and was impressed! Ready to go out of the bag! Pocket took only a couple of hits to make. Would [also] use at first and third!  

Cons: None Yet.

Rawlings Player Preferred 14" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (P140BPS)

Outfielders around softball all agree on the Rawlings Player Preferred glove for slow pitch. From the big pocket to the natural leather build, this glove makes outfield look easy. And the best part, it's a slow pitch softball glove for under $100. So you don't have to overspend to find excellent quality in the outfield.

Notable Features:

  • Basket Web + Support Strap
  • Very Soft, Game Ready Feel
  • All Leather Lacing for Long-Lasting Structure
  • Designed to Fit an Adult Male's Hand

Rawlings Player Preferred Review

Pros: Great glove. I've had it for about 8 years. Durable lacing, has barely needed adjusting. Nothing ever pops out of this basket. Contains softballs no matter how much spin/slice is on it.  

Cons: The only con I can think of is that it feels a little silly when I play catch with my kid using his baseball. 14" is just too much glove for a baseball. For softball, it is a dream.


Infielders and pitchers often take their outfield teammates for granted. But rest assured, it's not nearly as easy to chase down fly balls and battle the sun game-in and game-out. So we'd like to take a moment and tip our caps to all of the outfielders backing up every throw and chasing down balls off the fence. Your hard work does not go unappreciated.

We hope you've enjoyed this breakdown of the top outfield gloves in baseball and softball. If you still have questions regarding your next glove purchase, be sure to reach out to the Glove Experts at JustGloves. We mean it when we say that we're with you from Click to Catch!

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