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Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300

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Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
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  • Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
  • Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
  • Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
  • Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
  • Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
  • Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
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Reviews for Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300

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9 reviews Review This Glove
by backyardbomber
OLD SCHOOL!!!What a glove. Could not ask for more. Old school look with a new school feel. Great glove for players of all levels. I hear more and more pros are beginning to use these!!!
Simply the best.
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by Johnny P
Great fit, minimal breakin time. I love this glove, feels great on my hand.
Was this review helpful ? 6 0
by Richie
GreaT today and make great catches tomorrow..we have bought two and their is no disappointment...thanks
you donot have one
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Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
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What do you think about the Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300?

Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
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Do you guys make this glove in as 14" left hand throw? If not, will you custom make one for me? Also, is your 1st baseman's glove good for adult senior softball?

The Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series (RHGR1300) is the largest Roy Hobbs model. We are unable to customize gloves. The RHGR1300 is a large glove and could be used for first base.We have one slow pitch 1st base glove. Here is the link;

Kara Expert ·Mar 28, 2014
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Is this glove is true to size when compared to today's gloves?

The Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300 is a 13.00" model and is measured like more modern-looking models (from the tip of the index finger stall to the base of the palm). It also features game-ready leather with a classic appearance.

Mac Expert ·Apr 16, 2013
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What was the first brand of glove ever?

One of the earliest baseball glove manufacturers was New Hampshire-based Draper & Maynard, which made its first padded glove for a Providence shortstop named Arthur Irwin in 1883. See

Damon Expert ·Dec 15, 2012
About Roy Hobbs
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Glove Care Kit
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Glove Features
  • 13.00 Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Exclusive Game Ready Leather
  • Free Shipping!
  • Hand Cut and Stitched
  • Hand Rubbed with Glove Oil
  • Ideal for Softball or Baseball Outfielders
  • Minimal Break-In Time
  • Single Post Web
  • Strong Classic Leather Smell
  • Ultra-Deep, Pre-Formed Pocket

Description for Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR1300
Range far and wide with the Roy Hobbs 13.00 inch Game Ready Series glove! This glove is designed with exclusive, Roy Hobbs Game Ready leather in a classic Honey-Almond color. Game Ready leather is cut from a soft, yet incredibly tough Mexican grass-fed cowhide that provides for ball gloves that require virtually no initial break-in, while maintaining their durability and shape season after season. Professionally tanned in a proprietary seven-step process, Roy Hobbs’ gloves are hand-cut, hand-laced, pre-oiled, and hand rubbed to provide a softer, game ready feel. The RHGR1300 features a deep, pre-formed pocket and a single post web. While this glove may be favored by baseball outfielders, its pocket is big enough that it can also be used for softball as well. Roy Hobbs Game Ready gloves bring back the glory days of America's favorite pastime. Roy Hobbs is all about true, classic baseball and softball at its best. The genuine article - the crack of the bat, the smell of grass from the stands, and the feel and aroma of fine, pre-oiled, hand rubbed, broken-in leather. Designed with classic, throwback styling and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, you too can play with ball gloves created for “the best there ever was.” Roy Hobbs: The Soul of the Game Lives On! Free Shipping!
Glove Care Kit

The Glove Care Kit is designed to help you break-in your new glove the correct way and help maintain your glove from season to season. This unique package that cannot be found anywhere else provides everything you will need to get the glove game ready in the shortest amount of time. The Glove Care Kit includes:

  • "The Perfect Glove" Brochure
  • 210 Denier Polyester Sport Pack
  • Free Shipping
  • Glove Oil
  • Oversized Shaping Ball
  • Two Applicator Sponges
  • Two Oversized Shaping Bands
  • Wooden Break-In Mallet
Customer Testimonial

Loved the free shipping and quick delivery I will be buying another glove from here Thanks.

- Chip, Macon, GA
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Glove Properties
Glove Type:Baseball
Glove Type:Slow Pitch Softball
Glove Type:Softball
Position:All Positions
Price:$100 - $199.99
Sub Type:Fielders
Sub Type:Vintage
Vendor:Roy Hobbs
Web Type:Single Post