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by pro
works very well I worked my glove in in 1 and a half weeks
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I was able to catch flys effortlessly with my a2k in 4 days and it was almost completely broken in in a week
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What do you think about the Glove Care Kit? Glove Care Kit
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Will using Nokona NLT Classic glove conditioner change the color of my glove?

The use of any conditioner or oil likely change the color of a glove; especially one that is lighter in color. Black leather won't be affected as much, but when the leather absorbs the oil/conditioner, the leather will darken. As long as you keep the application to a small amount, you can limit the amount of change.

Mac Expert ·Apr 06, 2014
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Which is the best conditioner you can get in the kit?

Dependent on what glove you order, the Glove Care Kit will come with that brand's oil or conditioner. We also offer a $39.99 Glove Care Kit where you can select the glove oil or conditioner you would like. They are all going to be very similar. The Rawlings Glovolium would be a good choice.

Tori Expert ·Nov 18, 2013
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Is it the Rawlings Glovolium that comes in the kit?

You have the choice of what oil you would like to put in the kit. The Rawlings Glovolium is an available choice.

Tori Expert ·Oct 22, 2013
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  • "The Perfect Glove" Brochure
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  • 210 Denier Polyester Sport Pack
  • Free Shipping
  • Glove Oil
  • Online Glove Care Video
  • Oversized Shaping Ball
  • Two Applicator Sponges
  • Two Oversized Shaping Bands
  • Wooden Break-In Mallet

Description for Glove Care Kit
There are hundreds of ways to break-in a ball glove, but how many are actually done the right way. A poorly broke-in glove can negatively impact an athlete's performance. The Glove Care Kit is designed to help you break-in your new glove the correct way and help maintain your glove from season to season. This package provides everything you will need to get the glove game ready in the shortest amount of time. What makes this package unique is the one-of-a-kind wooden break-in mallet with baseball bat handle. The mallets design creates maximum comfort while you to speed up the break-in time and form a correct pocket. Also featured is a black, 210 denier polyester sport pack for carrying or storing your glove and cleats, and an oversized shaping ball and two oversized shaping bands to help form the shape of the pocket. You will also receive glove oil of your choice and an applicator sponge that is specifically made for applying oils to leather. To help you break-in your glove we have included a brochure with steps, tips, pictures, and detailed descriptions to make this process as easy as possible. Now you can also follow along online with our Glove Care Video which goes into even more detail on how to break-in your glove. This is a unique package that cannot be found anywhere else.
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Love the easy free shipping both ways and GREAT customer service!

- Kelly, Ashburn, VA
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