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Baseball and Softball Training Gloves


JustGloves Training Gloves & Mitts For Softball & Baseball

Training Gloves are baseball gloves or softball gloves that help a player hone their fielding, catching, throwing, and receiving / transfer skills. Here at JustGloves, we carry three main types of Training Gloves:

Pancake Training Gloves

A pancake training glove is one that is built with a flattened catching surface. Training with a pancake glove reinforces traditional two-hand mechanics while fielding a ground ball as a fielder is forced to use their throwing hand to stabilize the baseball or softball during the fielding process. Read our full blog post on pancake gloves!

Undersized Training Gloves

Undersized training gloves and catcher's mitts are ones built at short lengths and circumferences, but with fittings that work for adolescent-to-adult-aged players. Due to these gloves and mitts being small in their sizing, they require the fielder to be extra focused during training. After using an undersized trainer and then switching back to your regular gamer glove, you'll be surprised by how much easier it is to field a ball with your regular model.

Weighted Training Gloves & Mitts

Weighted gloves and mitts can help a player train as they limit the player's deftness with their glove while catching or fielding a ball. There will often be times when the glove is not only heavier but also smaller than an average glove. These multiple constraints will require a player to be more focused during training and become a better player when they receive their regular gamer model back.

Still unsure of what training glove to select? Visit our Glove Resource Guide, read customer training gloves reviews, or browse our most popular training gloves.


All Star Pro Series "The Focus Framer" 29" Training Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM150TM $99.95 Price was: $119.95
All Star Pro Series "The Pocket" 27" Training Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM100TM $99.95
All Star Pro Series "The Pick" 9.5" Training Baseball Glove: FG100TM $99.95
Mizuno Quick Hands Training Baseball Glove: GXT2A $79.95
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