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Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #420904
Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #418921
Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #418922
Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #418923
Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #418924
Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #418925
Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS: Image #418926

Glove Profile

Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS

Extra Stiff
Game Ready
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  • Free Shipping

  • 12.75 Inch Length

  • Recommended For Outfielders

  • Very Little Break-in Required; Nearly Game Ready (Only 20% of Break-In Will Be Left To Player)

  • Designed For A High School To Adult Sized Hand (But Commonly Recommended For Younger Select Players)

  • Trapeze Web (Six Finger Web)

  • 6019 Pattern - 12.75 Inch Length. Comes With Trapeze Web & Fastback (Single Finger Backing). Has An Extra Deep, But Narrow Width Pocket. Closes From Thumb To 4th Finger and Pinky.

  • Soft & Durable, All Leather Shell

  • Padded Fingerback Inner Lining For A Soft, Comfortable Feel

  • Colorway: Black | Gold

  • Index Finger Pad On Shell Backing For Protection And Comfort

  • Single Finger Backing (Rawlings' Fastback Design)

  • Loop and Pull Wrist Strap

  • Reinforced Palm Pad For Impact Reduction

  • Finger Shift Design - Pinky Loop Removed From Inside Glove. Designed for Pinky And Ring Finger To Be Worn In Pinky Slot


Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS

This R9 glove from Rawlings will look great on an outfielder's hand!

Glove Benefits

This glove features a super cool Pro Style 6019 pattern from Rawlings. This will allow the glove to have the same 12.75" length, trapeze web and extra deep pocket; just like some professional outfielders that use Rawlings gloves. However, the leather will be softer and make it easier to break in. As well, the glove will have a finger shift design that will encourage a player to where the glove with 2 fingers in the pinky slot.

As a last note, this glove will have a little bit larger fit for a high school or adult sized hand, but it is commonly recommended for young players that want a little bit larger glove that has an easy break-in.


Rawlings has been making high quality gloves for many years. Because of that, they know that they must take care of customers. All Rawlings gloves have a twelve (12) month warranty from the purchase date. Be sure to note that the warranty does not cover gloves that have been microwaved, gloves that have been placed in an oven, over-oiled gloves -or- gloves with broken laces. If you feel you have a warranty issue with the Rawlings glove you purchased from JustGloves, please reach out to the Glove Experts. They can get you the product information needed to begin a warranty return to Rawlings.


Average Ratings Based on 3 Customer Reviews

4.333333333333333 Stars:Overall Rating
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3 Stars: Overall Rating
R9 Rawlings Glove 12.75in Dylan Mateyka Player

Pros: definitely feels like a good glove Good for having a catch

Cons: Leather is too soft and cause's the ball to fall out when gloves is moved hard. It is a good gloves but definitely not a good glove for competitive play which is what I am apart of, so sadly I wont be using the glove very often especially not in any games. Not good to use in a competitive league.!!!! The laces are also very weak and not tight in the webbing.

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Good glove Casey Shine Parent

Pros: Fits great Great quality

Cons: A little longer to break in than expected

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5 Stars: Overall Rating
Good glove Joe Player

Pros: Soft leather, good pocket, trap eze style secures the ball well, split finger design very comfortable , glove comes about 70 percent broke in.

Cons: Glove is 12.75 in , wish it was 13 in that would be perfect for me

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Questions and Answers

Have a question about the Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS? Ask our team of experts and they will respond within 24 hours.

Can I get this in left handed? Thanks Jordan DeVOir
Unfortunately we do not have a left handed thrower available for this Rawlings R9 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS.
I just started playing softball w/ 12” balls & I play second base & outfield, I’m trying to find a glove that’ll be versatile for both positions. Is this glove good for what I’m looking for? Alex Perez
The Rawlings R9 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS will be on the larger end of infield sizing, and the smaller end of outfield sizing but should be versatile enough to use for both positions.
I have a 11 yr old needing a new glove. Currently using a 11.5 . Is there a R9 that is 12.5 inches? Keith Harlow
Unfortunately, we do not carry any Rawlings R9 baseball fielder gloves in 12.5".
Can it be used in the infield? Robert
The Rawlings R9 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS is designed for OF play.
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About the Brand

Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball, and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL, and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic, and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball.

The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all over the country." The Sure Catch was a one-piece glove with sewn-in finger channels and looked better suited for a duck's foot than a man's hand. Catchers' mitts used at the time were large and bulky with a single leather thong passing for a web.

In 1920, Bill Doak, a journeyman pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals, approached Rawlings with an idea for improving the baseball glove from a mere protective device to a genuine aid in fielding. The "Bill Doak" model was so revolutionary that it stayed in Rawlings' line until 1953. Its key feature was a multi-thong web laced into the first finger and thumb, which created for the first time in baseball's young life, a natural pocket.

In 1925, Rawlings unveiled a three-fingered fielder's glove, and ten years later improved the Bill Doak model with a two-piece leather web. At the same time, the "T" web became a rage for first basemen's mitts. The pocket underwent a pronounced change in 1941 when the Trapper Mitt, also known as the Claw, appeared. The "Deep Well" pocket was so unique that Rawlings quickly patented it. The design was improved in 1950 by adding a leather piece across the top. Another significant creation occurred in 1948 with the three-fingered Playmaker. A five-fingered fielder's model, with all fingers laced together, provided greater pocket control.

The six-fingered Trap-Eze evolved in the 1960's. In more recent years, Rawlings produced the Fastback design, which gives a glove a snugger fit, greater extension, and overall control. The Holdster is a slot through which a finger can be extended for additional protection from impacts on the pocket. Then, there is the Edge-U-Cated Heel with its extended U-shaped lacing and the Pro H Web and much-copied Basket Web.

Some of Rawlings's more recent glove innovations also include the unique Spin-Stopper design which reduces ball spin when the ball hits the glove, and the Cantilever glove design feature that provides a cushioned area between the hand and the glove's palm area. In all, Rawlings has produced and patented more functionally innovative glove features and designs than that of any other glove manufacturer. The result is that the modern baseball glove is much larger, more comfortable, better padded, and made to last far longer than its ancestors. It is not uncommon to see today's Major League players wearing the same Rawlings glove they wore during their college playing days. In fact, Rawlings is the #1 glove in the major leagues. Rawlings maintains about 65 models of baseball and softball mitts and gloves in its line. The prototypes of virtually all of them have been field-tested by professionals before entering a sporting goods dealer's inventory.

Glove Properties

Rawlings R9 Finger Shift 12.75" Baseball Glove: R96019BGFS
Age Range 10-12 13-15 High School-Adult
Color Black Gold
Deals Personalization Eligible
Feel Soft
Glove Type Baseball
Position Outfield
Series R9 Rawlings Fastback
Size 12.75
Sub Type Fielders
Vendor Rawlings
Web Type Six Finger Trapeze
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