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  • 13.00 Inch Length

  • Recommended Exclusively For Use At First Base

  • Stiffer Feel Will Require A Break-In

  • Designed With A Snugger Fit For A Female Hand

  • Single Post, Double Bar Web

  • Features Premium Reserve USA Steer Hide Leather

  • Colorway: White | Navy | Red

  • Cowhide Palm Lining Provides Maximum Comfort While The Hand Is In The Glove

  • Quantum Wrist Closure System - Employs Knotting & Pull Tabs To Allow Glove's Fitting To Be Quickly & Easily Adjusted

  • Partially Open Backing


Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt: PCFP13-10WN

Get ready to shine on the field with the Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt! This mitt offers elite performance, comfort, and style for dedicated first basemen.

Glove Benefits

The Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt is designed to meet the high demands of serious first basemen. One of its standout features is the partially open backing, which enhances flexibility and breathability, ensuring your hand stays cool and comfortable during intense plays. The cowhide palm lining adds to the comfort, providing a smooth and soft feel while maintaining maximum durability.

Crafted from reformulated Premium Reserve USA Steer Hide Leather, this mitt is built for long-lasting performance. The high-quality leather offers exceptional strength and resilience, ensuring that your glove maintains its shape and functionality through the toughest games and practices. This premium material is ideal for players who demand longevity and reliability from their equipment.

The Quantum Wrist Closure System is another innovative feature of this mitt. It employs knotting and pull tabs that allow for quick and easy adjustments, ensuring a secure and personalized fit. This system gives you the confidence to make every play with precision and control, without worrying about a loose glove. The Quantum Wrist Closure System keeps your mitt snug and secure, allowing you to focus entirely on your game.

Exclusively designed for first base, the Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt features a large catching surface and deep pocket, making it easier to scoop up low throws and handle hard-hit balls. This specialized design provides superior control and reliability, giving you the edge you need to excel at your position.

The stylish white, navy, and red colorway adds a touch of flair to your gear, ensuring you look as good as you play. With its combination of advanced features and top-notch materials, the Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt is a must-have for serious first basemen who demand the best in their equipment.

Upgrade your gear with the Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. This mitt is your key to dominating the field and elevating your game to the next level.


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Questions and Answers

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About the Brand

Easton is the world's leading manufacturer of baseball and softball equipment, and the most iconic brand in these sports. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA, Easton Diamond Sports, LLC. manufactures bats, ball gloves, apparel, bags, batting gloves, helmets, catcher's equipment and related accessories. The company's commitment to innovation and game-changing technologies propelled Easton to the No. 1 bat position, including breakthrough technologies with aluminum and composite materials. As a result of this commitment to R&D and its storied brand heritage, Easton has long-standing relationships with Little League Baseball, USSSA Baseball & Softball, USA Baseball & Softball, hundreds of NCAA collegiate teams and numerous professional baseball and softball players.

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Glove Properties

Easton Color Splash 13" Fastpitch First Base Mitt: PCFP13-10WN
Age Range 13-15 High School-Adult
Color White Navy Red
Feel Stiff
Glove Type Female Fastpitch
Position First Base
Series Professional Collection
Size 13.00
Vendor Easton
Web Type Single Post
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4.9 Star Rating, Google Customer Reviews