SSK Professional 11.5" Javier Baez Baseball Glove: GOTM617 (1)

SSK Professional 11.5
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by Calvert Sinclair

Pros: What a beauty!

Cons: I'll let you know!

  • *100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping!
  • Javier Baez Game Day Glove
  • Limited Edition Design!
  • 11.50 Inch Pattern
  • Colorway: Black / Blue / Red
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Infielder Glove
  • I-Web
  • Patented Dimple Sensor Technology Creates Perfect Palm & Enhances Conformation
  • Premium Steer Hide Leather Supplies Superior Quality With Long Lasting Performance
  • Shock Guard Provides Extra Palm Protection
  • Shokunin Craftsmanship Delivers Unbeatable Durability
  • Very Little Break In Period Required

It began with a dream a half-century ago. The dream of one man, Kyozo Sasaki, was to bring the enjoyment of active sport to people around the world. What started in a humble storefront in Kyoto, Japan is now one of the largest sporting goods companies in the world. SSK has a long-standing history of supplying well-crafted baseball products to customers all over the world; and we have never lost sight of our first priority - service to the customer. With roots in Japan, SSK has worked to increase awareness and build a global network for the development of baseball. SSK America, Inc., est …

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Is Javier's Baez close to making a new SSK for 2018 or is it going to be at the end of the year? Please tell date of release if possible. Asked by JD

At this time we do not know if SSK will be making a newer version of the SSK Professional 11.5" Javier Baez Baseball Glove: GOTM617. Cameron Expert

How long has this glove been available and does Javier Baez actually use this glove? Asked by JD

We received this model in the fall of 2017. Baez does use this same model of glove, but no necessarily the same color scheme. Kyle J. Expert

How do we know that it is good leather? Everyone says they have top of the line leather. Asked by JD

Generally with gloves the price point is the best indicator of the leather quality. The higher the price, the higher quality leather. Keep in mind the higher quality leather you purchase, the longer it will take to break-in. Kyle J. Expert

Javier Baez is one of the best defenders in the Major Leagues while his gamer is one of the best looking baseball gloves in the business. SSK has been handcrafting their gloves since 1946 and it definitely shows. Their Shokunin tradition combined with professional grade steer hide leather results in a game-ready glove that one of the Big League's best uses on game day. With a limited edition design and a multi-colored pattern, you better jump at the opportunity to grab one of these SSK gloves before they're gone. Inside of each model, SSK has applied a shock guard that provides additional padding for extra protection on defense. In addition, you'll notice their patented Dimple Sensor technology used throughout the palm of these baseball gloves that helps create a perfect pocket and enhance conformation to each individuals' hand. SSK: Seize The Moment!

This SSK Professional Series Baseball Glove (GOTM617) features a popular 11.50-inch pattern, an I-web, and a conventional open back for a classic look. Wear what Javier Baez is wearing on game day and order your SSK baseball glove today with free shipping and our unbeatable 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee. Remember, we'll be here for you from click to catch!

SSK Professional 11.5
SSK Professional 11.5
SSK Professional 11.5
SSK Professional 11.5
SSK Professional 11.5
SSK Professional 11.5

The glove was delivered in less than 24 hours! Nice glove and at a good price. I will be ordering all our gloves from you.

Gina, Lincoln, NE