Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB (2)

Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB
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Excellent Condition This glove is in excellent structural condition and may only have minor visual and cosmetic imperfections.

All new and used gloves on come with a 100 Day Guarantee.
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by Spaceman37

Pros: Game ready, soft great smelling old-time leather, and great classic look.

Cons: A bit pricey perhaps, but that's how it goes when you want a decent mitt today I guess.

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by Rub

Pros: Good price, good workman ship

Cons: Not game ready as advertised, thumb support inside glove is located a little to far up but everyone's hand is different

  • *100 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
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  • 13.00 Inch Pattern
  • Each Glove is Unique and Unstructured
  • Game Worn Look and Feel
  • Hand Rubbed with Old Time Ingredients to Soften the Leather
  • Individually Hand-Cut and Sewn
  • Shoeless Joe Reconditioning Program - For $25.00, They Will Recondition Your Glove Using Their Original Antique Tobacco Tanning Oil
  • Single Post Web
  • Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather
Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe modern day ball gloves have that old time "Golden Era" look, but are fierce competitors on today's baseball and softball fields. All Shoeless Joe ball gloves are handmade with 100% Tobacco Tanned steer hide that allows all styles of Shoeless Joe and Jane ball gloves to be easily broken in and "Game Ready," in a very short period of time. All styles and sizes of the Shoeless Joe ball glove line are manufactured with the most up-to-date technology for construction and design, to effectively play the game. Because of these recent updates, your Shoeless Joe or Jane glove will m …

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This is our 3rd Shoeless Joe and I'm fairly certain that the last finger wasn't as hard and stiff as the one we received this week. The pocket is fine but that last finger is worrisome and makes me wonder if that is the way it's supposed to be or if there was some error. If it's typical, then we'll just break it in. If it seems to be some production mistake, I'd like to know. Asked by Troup

Shoeless Joe gloves do come much more broken in than nearly any other manufacturer that we carry. My suggestion would be to go ahead and use the glove and make use of our 100 Day Return Policy that we have on gloves if you end up deciding it's not for you. You have 100 days from the date of purchase to determine if you want to keep it. If not, click on the "Returns" button in the top right corner of the site and follow the instructions to receive a free UPS shipping label to send it back to us. Kyle J. Expert

Last finger on the glove is board stiff. Whatever is beneath the outer leather even has hard edges and it hasn't been conditioned at all. Is this normal for a new glove from Shoeless? Asked by Troup

The Shoeless Joe gloves typically come hand rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather. Gloves like the Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB will still require some break-in time to form to the players hand the way in which you want. Dan Expert

Where are Shoeless Joe gloves made? The USA? Asked by carmine

The Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB, like all Shoeless Joe gloves, is made in Mexico. Jason Expert

Shoeless Joe Gloves give a player the quality, feel and style of the gloves used by professional ball players over the last 100 years. You can choose glove models used in the first half of century in the Golden Age Series, today's models in the Professional Model Series, or youth gloves with the Joe Junior Series. Shoeless Joe gloves are individually hand-cut and sewn from Special Aged Antique Tobacco Leather Hides. Shoeless Joe gloves are then hand-rubbed with old time ingredients to soften the leather before they go through their breaking in process that leaves the glove with a beaten up and "Game Worn" look and feel, of a broken in glove. Thus each glove is unstructured giving it its own unique features. Players can choose to play with an old time or modern day web without having to change to another model. A great play is lived only once, but your glove, you'll keep it forever. If you end a game with a clean uniform our gloves are not for you. Shoeless Joe: When It Was Just a Game. Free Shipping!

The owner of any Shoeless Joe baseball glove can now return their glove to Shoeless Joe to be reconditioned for $25.00. The leather in any baseball glove, regardless of the type or style, will be treated with Shoeless Joe's antique Tobacco Tanning material to give that glove the same look, feel, and smell the way it did the day you purchased it. To participate, simply contact Shoeless Joe at (855) 563-4568 to get your RA number and get the process started.

Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB
Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB
Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB
Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB
Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB
Shoeless Joe Professional Series: 1300SB

100 day guarantee!!

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