Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt (12)

Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt
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by SeriousCatcher

Pros: Extremely easy to break in. The ball seats well in the pocket and does not jump around like other mitts I have owned. Extremely good leather and very large pocket. I have used it for two years and it has held up extremely well. I have not had any problems with the glove being durable.

Cons: I wish I had two.

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by joebaseball

Pros: Glove was very easy to break in and it feels like an extension of my hand.

Cons: Lacing around pocket deteriorated after two years. I contactacted the company and they offered to send me a brand new glove. I really liked the feel of mine and spent $20 to have it relaced. It is now better than ever.

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by JustBallGloves User

Pros: It stunk, didn't stay in the pocket. The ball would always fall out, my coach yelled at me to catch the ball and pop up and throw. I couldn't do that


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  • 34.00 Inch Catcher's Mitt
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Cushion Guard Palm and Index Finger Padding
  • Exclusive Game Ready Leather
  • Hand Cut and Stitched
  • Hand Rubbed with Glove Oil
  • Leather Wrist Guard
  • Minimal Break-In Time
  • Triple Hinge Design
  • Two-Piece Closed Web
Is this a baseball catchers mitt or a fastpitch softball catchers mitt? Asked by Tim

The Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt will be a baseball catcher's mitt. Max Expert

What are the differences and similarities between this mitt and the Shoeless Joe mitt? Which would last longer and is "better"? Asked by Wonder Boy

This Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series (RHGR3400) Catcher's Mitt and Shoeless Joe Professional Series (3400CM) Catcher's Mitt are very comparable mitts. Both are made of very comparable leather (price is a good indicator of the quality), feature the same 34.00" pattern size, and are game ready and require minimal effort toward the break-in. Unfortunately, they're so similar that I wouldn't say one is better than the other. Please take advantage of our 100 Day Guarantee and free UPS returns label if you decide to pick one and it's not what you expected. Mac Expert

Hi the glove in your pic is different than the ones I see at the Roy Hobbs sight. Your glove doesnt have a finger guard. Please explain. thanks Mike Asked by none

Occasionally, manufacturer's will change or make updates to their products without informing their retailers. This is the case with the Roy Hobbs RH3400. All the mitts we have in stock have the finger guard on the back. A request has been sent to our Creative Team to have the glove re-imaged. An updated product image should be on the site within the next 1-2 weeks. Thank you! Tyler Expert

Rule the dish with the Roy Hobbs 34.00 inch Game Ready Series Catcher's Mitt! This glove is designed with exclusive, Roy Hobbs Game Ready leather in a classic Honey-Almond color. Game Ready leather is cut from a soft, yet incredibly tough Mexican grass-fed cowhide that provides for ball gloves that require virtually no initial break-in, while maintaining their durability and shape season after season. Professionally tanned in a proprietary seven-step process, Roy Hobbs' gloves are hand-cut, hand-laced, pre-oiled, and hand rubbed to provide a softer, game ready feel. The RHGR3400 features a deep pocket and two-piece closed web pattern for excellent control and a lightweight feel. Cushion Guard palm and index finger pads and a leather wrist guard provide additional protection, comfort, and support. Roy Hobbs Game Ready baseball gloves bring back the glory days of America's favorite pastime. Roy Hobbs is all about true, classic baseball and softball at its best. The genuine article - the crack of the bat, the smell of grass from the stands, and the feel and aroma of fine, pre-oiled, hand rubbed, broken-in leather. Designed with classic, throwback styling and manufactured to the highest standards of quality, you too can play with ball gloves created for "the best there ever was." Roy Hobbs: The Soul of the Game Lives On! Free Shipping!

Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt
Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt
Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt
Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt
Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt
Roy Hobbs Game Ready Series: RHGR3400 Catcher's Mitt

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