RIP-IT Sports Softball Defense Fielder's Mask: RIPDG Adult (0)

RIP-IT Sports Softball Defense Fielder's Mask: RIPDG Adult
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  • Adult: Approximately 13 & Over
  • Better Visibility With Wider Field Of View & Premium Peripheral Vision
  • Blackout Technology Helps Reduce Glare From The Sun
  • Dual-Layer Padding Provides Form-Fitting Comfort
  • Ponytail Friendly Adjustable Strap
  • Powder Coat Finish Delivers A Lightweight Design
  • Removable Forehead Padding & Chin Cup
  • Steel Bar Construction Creates A Protective Frame

Protect yourself and ditch your fear with Rip-It's fielding masks. Never worry again about batted balls flying back at you and causing serious injury. Face a hit, field a drive, and stop a hop all while your face, chin, and head are equally protected. Each mask is constructed of steel bars and a powder coat finish to provide a lightweight design with elite protection that deflects and reduces the force of impact. The ponytail friendly strap offers superior adjustability for a snug, secure fit on all players. On your face, RIP-IT has applied dual-layer padding that delivers form-fitting comfort with sweat-wicking capabilities. If you're one of the players concerned about diminished visibility with a mask, RIP-IT has solved that problem as well. With a wider field of view and better peripheral vision, these face masks are better than anyone else in the business. Stay calm, see the ball, and make the play with the defense fielder's mask from RIP-IT!

Great glove, speedy delivery, helpful reviews.

Rob , Warrenton, WV