Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5" Baseball Glove: S1150I (1)

Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5
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by Baseball legend

Pros: Great for infield/shortstop/2nd base. and the eye web helps to see through the glove for those pop flys but still blocks the sun.

Cons: The anti shock marketing is a little missleading and isn't the best for pitching either because of eye web and tough too hide my pitch but still a great product.

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  • 11.50 Inch Glove Size
  • Break In: 90% Factory | 10 % Player
  • Colorway: Brown / Black
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Full Grain Oiled Pull Up Leather Offers Superior Structure
  • Game Ready Feel From Day One
  • Index Finger Pad
  • Padded Finger Back Linings Create A Luxurious, Comfortable Feel
  • Pro I-Web
  • Professionally Inspired Designs
  • Recommended For Infielders
  • Zero Shock Palm Pad Provides Extra Protection

Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball, and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL, and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball and the Official Basketball and Football for NCAA Championships.The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all o …

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My son is 10 years old. Would this glove be considered a youth glove? Asked by bill

The Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5" Baseball Glove: S1150I is an adult glove. The closest youth option for the Sandlot Series features a 12" web pattern and is the Rawlings Sandlot Series 12" Youth Baseball Glove: S1200BC. I would recommend the Rawlings Prodigy Series 11.5" Youth Baseball Glove: P115GBI if you want a similar glove that also features an 11.50" web pattern. Dan Expert

I am looking for a mitt for my 7 year old. He is a player and ready for his second mitt. What is the best and appropriate Sandlot, Gamer or Pro? Asked by baseball dad

For a 7 year old player we would recommend looking to gloves that are 10.50-11.25 inch patterns. If seeking Rawlings glove, the Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5" Baseball Glove: S1150I might be a little big at 11.50 inches. Some other great options to consider from Rawlings would be the following: Rawlings Mark Of A Pro Lite 10.5" Youth Baseball Glove: MPL105DSB, Rawlings Prodigy Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove: P110GBB, Rawlings Select Pro Lite 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove: SPL112AR and 2017 Rawlings Gamer 11.25" Baseball Glove: G312-2B. Cameron Expert

I am a 16 year old playing second base for a varsity baseball team. I am looking into a new glove for the upcoming season. I was wondering if this glove was aimed towards children or adults? Asked by Brent

The Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5" Baseball Glove: S1150I is going to be an adult glove. Carter Expert

Rawlings baseball gloves are trusted and used by players on Big League fields, sandlot diamonds, and everything in between. For the 2018 season, the Sandlot series offers professionally inspired patterns with a vintage, throwback look. Each glove is meticulously constructed out of Rawlings' oiled pull-up leather that delivers a game-ready feel on day one and requires about a 10% player break-in. On one side, the Zero Shock palm pad provides additional protection that's needed on defense while the padded finger back linings offer a luxurious, unmatched comfort every time you stick your hand in. And let's not forget about the index finger pad that was strategically placed for players who prefer one finger out. Rawlings: The Mark Of A Pro!

This Rawlings Sandlot Baseball Glove (S1150I) features a small 11.50-inch size, a pro-I-web, and a conventional open back that offers a classic, sleek overall look. Due to the size and the web, this model is primarily recommended for infielders. Look and feel like a pro and pick up one of these Rawlings baseball gloves today with free shipping and our 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee. Remember, we'll be here from click to catch!

Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5
Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5
Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5
Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5
Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5
Rawlings Sandlot Series 11.5

Price and quick shipping. Great service!

Stephen, Joplin, MO