Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB (2)

Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB
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by Blue jays rock

Pros: Very nice glove Is very comfortable Has a very nice shape out of the box Not hot

Cons: Very stiff

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Pros: First of all the "Narrow Fit" is NOT like the DP15 Wilson models. The DP has a VERY narrow wrist opening and VERY tight finger stalls. The Rawlings wrist opening is set on the smaller setting. If you know how to re-lace the opening (very easy) you can change it back to a standard as the finger stalls are not "narrow" and fits like a standard Rawlings. The heel padding is SUPER thin, almost non existent (Which I love), which also makes the REALLY easy to break in. (Compared to other KIP leather gloves) Its a shallow and wide glove similar to the Wilson 1786 A2K. But its ok because I prefer the Kip over the A2K prostock leather. Dual rolled welting I wear a size M in batting gloves, and I can get my wrist in up to my thumb knuckle and get TIP easy. This is glove is also a little lighter due to the lack of padding. Im really digging the 31 pattern put out by Rawlings. Something new and different for Rawlings, but a little copy of Wilson.

Cons: Lack of padding might bug some people if you prefer thick padding. You can feel the sting more than a regular 200 or NP pattern. (If you miscatch) I personally like the thin padding and heel.

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  • 11.50 Inch Pattern
  • Break-In - 40% Factory, 60% Player
  • Colorway: Camel / Black
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Full Grain Kip Skin Leather Shell
  • Infield Model
  • I-Web
  • Narrow Fit Design - Smaller Hand Opening for Intermediate or Adult Players Seeking A Snug Fit
  • New Deertouch Finger Back Lining
  • Pittards Sheep Skin Palm Lining
  • Pro Padding Allows for Custom Pocket Formation and Shape Retention
  • Rawlings 31 Pattern - Designed to Open Wider, Offering A Larger Pocket
  • Rawlings Authentic Pro Patterns
  • Rolled Leather Welting - Adds Structure Through the Finger Stalls
  • USA Tanned Leather Laces - Durability Pre-Tested at 100 lbs. Tensile Strength
  • Water-Resistant, 100% Wool Wrist Pad

Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball, and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL, and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball and the Official Basketball and Football for NCAA Championships.The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all o …

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Would this be one of the lighter rawlings infield models? I find the JJ Hardy model a bit heavy and am looking for a glove thats a bit lighter. Asked by AP9

Both of the gloves are the pro preferred leather from Rawlings so not much about these gloves will be different except for the different web and different color schemes. The weight of the gloves will be roughly the same. Cade Expert

Are there any difference between this glove and their wing tip glove? Asked by Danger25

No the only real difference between the 2016 Rawlings Pro Preferred Series (PROS314-2CB) and the Wing Tip glove is that the Wing Tip might be a little bit easier to break in. But the difference is going to be negligible besides the appearance. Carter Expert

(1) Is the Narrow Fit on Rawlings gloves the equivalent to the Pedroia Fit on the A2000s? (2) Would this glove be good for an 11 year old? Asked by Michael

(1) There will be some Heart of the Hide mitts and Pro Preferred mitts available from Rawlings that feature the Narrow Fit design for a player needing a little tighter fit to their hand. As well, I would compare that Narrow Fit design to the Pedroia fit being offered by Wilson on some of their gloves. (2) This 2016 Rawlings Pro Preferred Series (PROS314-2CB) may not be a perfect fit for your player at 11 years old (may leave some growing room), but it should be something into which your player can grow in a short amount of time Ben Expert

When it hit the market in 2001, the Rawlings Pro Preferred Series provided an industry-first design with its Kipskin Leather construction. Ever since, it has been a staple for many of baseball's elite players. Each Pro Preferred glove begins with the selection of the high-quality Kip Leather. This leather is only picked from hides weighing 30 pounds or less, giving the end product a lighter feel than a similar design made of Steerhide. Pro Preferred leather features a tight grain structure which leads to a supple feel, exceptional durability, and custom break-in for the player. Every inch of the Pro Preferred Series exudes a premium quality. Rawlings requires the laces in each glove to reach 100 lbs tensile strength in testing; where strength is needed most. Each model is also exceptionally comfortable with its Pittards Performance Sheepskin Palm Lining, new Deertouch Finger Back Lining, and the 100% wool padding to ensure a premium fit.

This 2016 Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB features an 11.50 Inch Pattern, I-Web, and is ideal for an elite infielder. Pick yours up today with our Fast, Free Shipping and 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB
Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB
Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB
Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB
Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB
Rawlings Pro Preferred Series: PROS314-2CB

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