Pro Soft Glove Conditioner (1)

Pro Soft Glove Conditioner
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by Jake

Pros: Great conditioner! Used only a quarter size to break in my entire glove and will add more to keep the leather in good condition

Cons: none

  • *How-To Properly Care for Your New Glove*
  • Conditioner - Easier to Apply Compared to Liquefied Oils
  • Ideal for Break-In
  • Improves the Water Resistance of the Leather
  • Lifts Embedded Dirt From the Leather
  • Protects and Preserves Your Glove
  • Retreat Your Glove as Needed
  • Softens Leather for a Better Feel

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Will this help me break in a brand new glove? What is this made of? Asked by Crhino

Yes, this Pro Soft Glove Conditioner will help you break in a brand new glove as it will soften the leather and make the glove more pliable. This conditioner will come in a paste-like consistency that allows it to be applied to ball gloves easier than liquefied oils (however, we have not been able to get the exact ingredients for what goes into this conditioner) Ben Expert


(1) - First remove any existing dirt by wiping the glove with a clean, dry cloth.
(2) - When clean, rub a small amount of conditioner into the leather with hands or clean cloth.
(3) - Work it into the web, palm, laces, inside of the glove, & any other area that has become dry or is starting to crack.
(4) - When finished, place your glove in a warm, dry area (70 - 90 F) & allow the leather to absorb the conditioner for 24 hrs.
(5) - Re-treat your glove when you notice the leather is starting to dry out. Prior to the off-season, apply a light coat of conditioner to keep the leather from becoming brittle.

Note: Excessive glove conditioner/oil can damage or shorten the life of a new glove. Use it sparingly.

Fast ,simple, and easy to buy. The glove was at my door when promised.

Richie, Soddy Daisy, TN