Nokona Generation 11.25" Baseball Glove: G-200I (1)

Nokona Generation 11.25
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Excellent Condition This glove is in excellent structural condition and may only have minor visual and cosmetic imperfections.

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by Art

Pros: Great quality. Can be easily broken in

Cons: Very snug. If you have a larger hand keep that in mind. I had to return mine.

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  • 11.25 (+/- 0.25) Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Game Ready Feel
  • Infield Glove
  • Made In the USA
  • One (1) Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Quick Break In
  • Top Grain Steerhide Leather Provides Ideal Structure & Durability

America’s pastime. American made. Since 1934, Nokona has been producing ball gloves for America’s pastime right here in the United States. Made with top-grain American hides provided by American ranchers, our leathers are tanned in the USA to Nokona’s specifications. Nokona gloves are still produced in the very same small town in Texas, where Nokona all started in the 1920s. They are made by Americans who carefully cut, stamp, stitch, lace, and embroider each glove by hand. Each Nokona has its own unique identity and feel, based on the careful selection of leather per p …

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How does this fit compared to the S200? Looking at it for 9u. Asked by Scooter

The fit will be slightly larger for this Nokona Generation 11.25" Baseball Glove: G-200I as opposed to the Nokona Alpha Select Series: S200 because the S200 was specifically designed to fit a youth player, while the G-200I is more oriented towards a more traditional sized fit. Tyler Expert

What other glove does Nokona offer that is similar to the G-200I 11.25 that would not be as snug? Asked by zip

The Nokona Bloodline Pro Series Baseball Glove: P4 features a wide hand opening and would not be as snug as the Nokona Generation 11.25" Baseball Glove: G-200I. Carter Expert

Can this glove be use by a middle infielder that plays college baseball? Or adult baseball? Asked by Zip

The Nokona Generation 11.25" Baseball Glove: G-200I offers more of a youth fit, so it would most likely be too small for a college or adult age player. Logan Expert

The Nokona Generation Series features top of the line Generation Steerhide Leather making this glove one of the highest rated products on the market! This series is inspired by Nokona's heritage of handcrafting ball gloves in America for the past 80 years and holds true to Nokona's premium glove crafting standards. If you are looking for a top of the line glove in quality and performance, look no further! The Generation Series incorporates a beautiful construction, classic look, and most importantly a good structure, and strong fit. This leather is long lasting but is not tremendously tough to break-in. The medium weight distribution contributes to providing players with a snug, comfortable feel every time. Better fit, better performance! Nokona: America's Pastime, American Made.

This Nokona Generation Baseball Glove: G-200I features an 11.25 inch pattern, an I-web, and is the perfect choice for an elite infielder. Take your game to the next level and order your own Nokona Generation baseball glove today with free shipping and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee right here. We're here for you from Click to Catch!

Nokona Generation 11.25
Nokona Generation 11.25
Nokona Generation 11.25
Nokona Generation 11.25
Nokona Generation 11.25
Nokona Generation 11.25

Fast ,simple, and easy to buy. The glove was at my door when promised.

Richie, Soddy Daisy, TN