Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M (16)

Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M
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by Jack

Pros: This is a great glove with top notch leather featuring the classic Nokona walnut and also their premium buffalo. Unlike the walnut glove the combo features the buffalo leather making the glove lighter and more mobile than the full walnut. This glove comes with great shape and forms well to your likings.

Cons: Not a great amount of padding in the palm which is yet a pro and a con depending upon the position you play.

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by big nasty

Pros: best glove i have ever had takes awhile to break in but it so worth it forms amazingly to your hand

Cons: none if your serious about baseball the money is not a problem

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Pros: breaks in well my uncle bought this for me and i broke it in within 3 weeks.

Cons: absolutely nothing

  • 11.50 Inch Model
  • Buffalo and Walnut Leather
  • Buffalo Leather Made From Select Range Bison From South Dakota
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Free Shipping!
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Made In Nocona, Texas U.S.A.
  • Modified T Web

America’s pastime. American made. Since 1934, Nokona has been producing ball gloves for America’s pastime right here in the United States. Made with top-grain American hides provided by American ranchers, our leathers are tanned in the USA to Nokona’s specifications. Nokona gloves are still produced in the very same small town in Texas, where Nokona all started in the 1920s. They are made by Americans who carefully cut, stamp, stitch, lace, and embroider each glove by hand. Each Nokona has its own unique identity and feel, based on the careful selection of leather per p …

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Is this a good glove for a 9 year old? Asked by John

The Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC1150M (AMG1150BCMT) features a standard fit for an adult. I would recommend the Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove: S-200 Youth for a 9 year old. Dan Expert

My daughter is 13 years old and needs a 12" glove. Her hands are small and she has a hard time squeezing a normal glove. What would be a good glove for her? Asked by tre

If she has a hard time squeezing an adult size glove, a youth glove may be a suitable solution. Youth gloves have tighter finger stalls and a smaller hand opening to create a more snug fit for a smaller hand. I would also recommend looking for a glove with soft leather as those have quicker break-in periods and are easier to close compared to gloves with high quality leather that are more stiff. Angelique Expert

Is this glove a light enough glove to "turn two" with? I am looking for a glove that has a light enough weight to enhance a player's hand speed. Asked by Will

Yes, the Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC1150M (AMG1150BCMT) will be light enough to "turn two" with. Damon Expert

The classic Nokona Buffalo Combo Series is back with a new look and same unbeatable quality. Nokona uses premium quality, select American Range Bison from ranches in South Dakota to construct these gloves. Buffalo leather produces the best of both worlds, soft and sturdy. Buffalo leather is renowned for its flexibility and supple feel. The shape of the glove is key, so Nokona has combined Buffalo with their signature Walnut Crunch leather. Walnut Crunch leather benefits from an old world tanning process that results in a uniquely patterned leather with a character and feel all its own. Walnut Crunch is one of the thickest leathers that Nokona produces and helps maintain the look and feel of the Buffalo Combo glove. This combination of leathers produces a robust yet supple glove. When looking for a top-of-the-line glove, the Nokona Buffalo Combo Series should be on the top of the list. This versatile glove is handmade in the U.S.A. in Nocona, Texas for the elite player. Don't buy a new glove every year, get a Nokona and get a glove that will last far beyond your expectations. Nokona: America's Pastime. American Made! Free Shipping!

Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M
Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M
Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M
Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M
Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M
Nokona Buffalo Combo Series: BC-1150M

Good Morning, Just received the mitt. It was a pleasure dealing with ure company. I received a great mitt in less then a week for a great price. I appreciated the shipping information and tracking info. I will be back. Thanks Again,

Brian, Hooksett