Marucci RS225 Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove: MFGRS11I (1)

Marucci RS225 Series 11
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Excellent Condition This glove is in excellent structural condition and may only have minor visual and cosmetic imperfections.

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by Ty

Pros: Solid construction, the feel is very good, has the feel & smell of quality leather, easy to break in. Purchased this for my 7YO, fits his hand well.

Cons: Wish the fur in the glove was black instead of white. The white will show dirt in no time.

  • 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee
  • Free Shipping!
  • 11.00 Inch Glove Size
  • Colorway: Camel / Black
  • Fabric Finger Back Linings Provide A Fantastic Feel
  • Index Finger Pad
  • Intended For Younger Players Who Want An Increase In Confidence
  • I-Web
  • Marucci Player Advisory Board Approved Web Designs
  • Professional USA Tanned Lace Ensures Resilient Structure
  • Recommended For Infielders
  • Scaled Down Finger Stalls Offer A More Secure Fit On A Smaller Hand
  • Skillfully & Individually Handcrafted For A Custom, Precise Fit
  • Smaller Wrist Strap With Tighter Hand Opening
  • Soft Tumble Cowhide Leather Creates A Game Ready Feel
  • Traditional Open Back

Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Marucci was founded by two former Big Leaguers and their athletic trainer who began handcrafting bats for some of the best players in the game from their garage. Fast forward to today, and that dedication to quality and understanding of players' needs has turned into an All-American success story. Marucci is the number one bat in the Big Leagues and makes wood and aluminum bats, batting gloves, protective gear, and other baseball and softball accessories. Star players like Albert Pujols, Chase Utley, David Ortiz, Jose Bautista, Andrew McCutchen, and Fran …

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My son is almost 7, I'm trying to decide between the Marucci RS225 11" youth baseball glove and the Mizuno Classic Future 11.25" youth baseball glove. I am looking for something that he can use this year as well as the next 3-4 years. Any suggestions? Asked by Glove dad

The Marucci RS225 Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove: MFGRS11I and the 2017 Mizuno Classic Future Pro 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove: GCP41F2 are pretty close in terms of longevity and fit on a young player's hand. With that said, I feel like the overall 11.25" size and the slightly better leather on the 2017 Mizuno Classic Future Pro 11.25" Youth Baseball Glove: GCP41F2 will be the better option for a glove to last 3-4 years. Logan Expert

Looking for a good, quality glove for my soon to be seven-year-old. Would you recommend this glove, or do you think it will be too big and tough to break in for small hands? Asked by Craig

The Marucci RS225 Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove: MFGRS11I would be a great option for a player at that age. The Marucci RS225 Series 11" Youth Baseball Glove: MFGRS11I is tumbled so it is easy to break in, and features a smaller hand opening and narrower finger stalls for a younger player. Logan Expert

Marucci youth gloves combine a game ready feel with big league tested and the player advisory board approved web designs. For the 2018 season, the RS225 series is composed of fielding baseball gloves that are guaranteed to give youth players the confidence they need to excel on defense. With a soft, tumbled cowhide leather, these baseball gloves are very durable and will hold their shape for multiple seasons, without fail. Since these are recommended for youth players, the wrist strap will be smaller, the hand opening will be tighter, and the finger stalls will be scaled down to create a more snug fit on a younger athletes' hand. Inside of each model, Marucci has applied fabric finger back linings to provide a fantastic overall feel. On the outside, professional USA tanned lace helps hold these youth baseball gloves together and ensure a long lasting shape. Marucci: Honor The Game!

This Marucci RS225 Youth Baseball Glove (MFGRS11I) comes with an 11.00-inch size, an I-web, and a conventional open back with an index finger pad for some additional protection against batted balls. Make a move and pick up one of these Marucci baseball gloves today with free shipping and our 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee. Don't forget, with our 24/7 customer service, we'll be here from click to catch!

Marucci RS225 Series 11
Marucci RS225 Series 11
Marucci RS225 Series 11
Marucci RS225 Series 11
Marucci RS225 Series 11
Marucci RS225 Series 11

Wonderful! Please let them know that sometimes these gloves are more important than they might imagine and timing is extremely important. My grandson will truly appreciate the efforts you have made to get this to him for his upcoming tournament. As a very proud grandfather I could not be more pleased and will take every opportunity to recommend

Ed, Floresville