EvoShield Catchers Thumb Guard (0)

EvoShield Catchers Thumb Guard
Size Options:
  • Black Colorway
  • Comfortable, Custom Fit In Any Glove
  • Gel-To-Shell Technology Delivers Complete Comfort & Flexibility
  • Helps Disperse Impact & Protects Better Than Traditional Foam Or Plastic
  • Reduces The Risk Of Bone Bruises & Gameskeeper's Thumb

EvoShield is an industry leader in baseball and softball protective gear. For those of you who lead your team from behind home plate, the EvoShield catcher's thumb guard is a necessity. As the captain on the field, you can not risk missing any time with an injury, especially to your thumb. These baseball and softball thumb guards help deter both bone bruises and the terrible Gameskeeper's thumb injury. With Gel-To-Shell technology, complete comfort, flexibility, and a personalized fit are just moments away. A comfortable, customized fit is guaranteed and these catcher's thumb guards have no issue fitting in all types of mitts. Let the EvoShield thumb guard keep you in the game and pick one up today right here at JustBats.com!

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Ethan , Windermere, FL