All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt (7)

All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt
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by FP Coach

Pros: Hands down the best FP catchers mitt I've ever used, as a player or coach. - Highest quality materials used in ALL parts of the mitt. - Best design (padding where it should be, not where it shouldn't). Designed as a FP catcher's mitt should be... more like a 1b mitt with a little padding, with emphasis on light weight and flexibility. - Super light weight. - Far lower price point than other high end mitts (Nokona, Wilson, Mizuno). I've used Mizuno, Rawlings, Nokona, Akadema, Worth, TPS, and Barraza Pro in the past. This mitt blows them all away in every category: Design, Quality of Materials, Weight, Bang for your Buck.

Cons: nope.

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by Pitchers Dad

Pros: great glove, great pocket, glove takes a few weeks to break in but when it is fully broken in it is just awesome!!! if stolen of lost I would by another one!!! very happy w/this glove!!!

Cons: none at this time...

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by Catching Dad

Pros: Takes a while to break in but well worth the effort! Purchased this glove as my daughter's pitching speed was exceeding my ability to absorb the sting of her pitches. Deep pocket really holds the ball and gives a great pop that seems to put batters back on their heels a bit! This glove does everything that All Star claims it will! Accommodates smaller adult hand as well the older female players.

Cons: My younger daughter will eventually appropriate this glove for her own game.

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  • 33.50 Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back with Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Deep Pocket
  • Fastpitch Softball Specific Pattern
  • H-Web
  • Index Finger Hood
  • Japanese Maruhashi Black and Tan Leather
  • Popular Black and Tan Combo - Tan Leather in Palm is Softer to Create Amazing Pocket / Black Leather on Back Adds Support and Durability
  • Pro Guard Padding (PGP) - Provides All the Feel without the Sting
All Star

All-Star Sporting Goods­® is a family business focused on quality and detail. Mostly know for having a strong reputation and presence among baseball and softball catchers, All-Star® holds many patents and has been on the leading edge of sporting goods development. Design LeadershipIn the area of baseball protective products, All-Star's design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter's helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight …

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I have a 5'6", 12 year old who plays 14U. Catches a 12 year old who throws 66 mph. Needs a new mitt. I like the All Star stuff, is this the correct size and padding for my situation? Asked by rvrlaxn

The All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt is an excellent mitt to use for a 12 year old player, especially one catching pitchers throwing at higher velocities. Cameron Expert

Really interested in this glove but torn between CMW3000 and CMW4000. I know the leather and size is different, but don't know the importance of what else is different. My daughter is 5'3" tall, a freshman going up to varsity, and in a 14u travel team practicing with 16u. What would you advise? Asked by super dad

The biggest differences between these two gloves are the size, leather, and the index finger hood that is only on the CMW3000. The CMW4000 also has a dual hinge-heel for easier closure. Performance wise both gloves will be nearly identical. I would choose whichever size she is more comfortable catching with, whether that be the 33" or 33.5" model. Kyle J. Expert

My daughter is moving up to 12U Softball this year. She is 5'1" with small hands. Will this glove be too large? Asked by BigRedSoftballDad

Our glove coach recommends a 32.00 inch pattern for a player of her size. Based off of this, the All Star Vela Pro Series (CMW3000) Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt would probably be too large. Joe Expert

From baseball to softball, across all age groups and skill levels, and throughout the country, one brand is recognized as the leader in catcher's equipment: All Star. The Vela Pro CMW3000 fastpitch catcher's mitt from All Star is a shining example their commitment to high quality. This glove is recommended for the elite travel ball through college/pro level play. Made from high grade Maruhashi Leather, this glove will be stiff out of the box, but will break in fast and last for many seasons to come. This Pro-Formed pattern features a single hinge heel for more control, and helps keep your thumb protected. Measuring in at 33 1/2 inches, the CMW3000 has an H-Web and a deep pocket that will ensure that once the ball hits the mitt, it's going to stick. The back of the glove is also equipped with an adjustable Velcro wrist strap for a secure, custom fit. The Vela Pro catcher's mitt also features Pro Guard Padding and an index finger hood that both provide increased protection for your hand. Don't settle for anything less than the BEST. All Star: Move Forward, Rise Above! Free Shipping!

All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt
All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt
All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt
All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt
All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt
All Star Vela Pro Series: CMW3000 Fastpitch Catcher's Mitt

Thanks. You people are a pleasure to do business with. I'll certainly be buying more stuff from you again.

John, Tucson