All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL (2)

All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL
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All Star by Isaac
  • Overall Rating

Pros: Extremely stiff in the thumb and pinky, no factory break in and this glove will last as long as a pro preferred or a2k. All Star did an unreal job with their catchers gloves and they put that same technology into their infield ones now. Snag these before they are 300 dollars

Cons: none at all, the only think i could think of is the color scheme. I really like the new black model though

  • Overall Rating
by Baseballer

Pros: This glove had simply amazing leather along with good lace. I can tell it would have been a good glove.

Cons: It came very stiff which is usually a good thing for a glove, however it stayed hard as a rock. I was never able to soften up the leather so the glove developed a very poor pocket and the ball kept popping out. I decided to return it for a glove with a quicker break in process.

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  • 11.75 Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Easy Break-In, Long-Lasting Durability
  • Great Pop When Receiving the Ball
  • Infield Model
  • I-Web
  • Japanese Maruhashi Black and Tan Leather
  • Popular Black and Tan Combo - Tan Leather in Palm is Softer to Create Amazing Pocket / Black Leather on Back Adds Support and Durability
  • Pro Guard Padding (PGP) - Provides All the Feel without the Sting
  • Shallow Pocket for Quick Ball Transfer
All Star

All-Star Sporting Goods­® is a family business focused on quality and detail. Mostly know for having a strong reputation and presence among baseball and softball catchers, All-Star® holds many patents and has been on the leading edge of sporting goods development. Design LeadershipIn the area of baseball protective products, All-Star's design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter's helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight …

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Would you recommend this to 12 year old that plays a lot of ball? Asked by big dude

Yes, the All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL would be a great glove for a 12 year old. Tori Expert

For the price will I find a higher quality glove? Asked by Bwilly22

The price point that the All Star System Seven Series (FGS7-IFL) is at would make it tough to find a glove of similar quality and construction at the same price. Cameron Expert

Which is a better overall glove the All Star System 7 or the Rawlings Pro Preferred pros12icbr Pro-I? Asked by billyb

The All Star System Seven Series (FGS7-IFL) and the Rawlings Pro Preferred are both great gloves. Both feature higher-end leather in the construction of the gloves (Japanese Maruhashi Black and Tan Leather for All Star and Kip Leather for the Rawlings). The All Star should take less time to break-in but other than that it would you preference based on color, design and price point. Cameron Expert

Known for their catcher's mitts, All-Star has brought the same quality to the rest of the diamond with their System Seven Series. These gloves draw from the success of their mitts and use the same high-quality leather found on their popular CM3000 model. This Japanese Maruhashi Black and Tan leather has distinct properties that allow these gloves to break in fast and have long-lasting durability. The tan leather on these gloves helps it to break in fast and form a great pocket. The black leather's stiffer feel provides the support needed for a long lasting glove. Inside, All Star's Pro Guard Padding provides a thin layer of extra padding in the palm that helps kill the sting of mis-caught balls, yet is thin enough to still allow the player to know right where the ball is in the glove. This 11.75 Inch pattern features a conventional open back and a shallow pocket for quick ball transfer. Its I-Web is perfect for snagging grounders or line drives in the infield. All Star: Move Forward, Rise Above! Free Shipping!

All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL
All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL
All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL
All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL
All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL
All Star System Seven Series: FGS7-IFL

I ordered my glove on a Thursday afternoon and it arrived the very next day.

Vincent, Manteca