All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt (4)

All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt
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by Bainer

Pros: FAST break in! Couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 'pen sessions and it was game ready. Glove it really light for being so big, and really flexible for having top quality parts. Heel hinge is MASSIVELY wide and helps keep the pocket nice and deep without flattening out. Finally, glove has a nice LONG nose for digging balls out of the dirt.

Cons: Webbing is a really wide basket weave- so it doesn't bend or fold very well- glove sort of breaks in 'around' it. Wrist strap is very wide and cinches on the back of the hand rather than off to the side like other 3000 mitts. Index finger guard is long, and gets in the way if you choose not to use it. Finally, lacing seems pretty thin for a glove that's destined to be dragged through the dirt- not the same lace as other 3000 mitts, but they do the job...for now.

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by DM

Pros: Caught a double header right out of the box with no problem. Deep pocket makes it catchable, even if stiff. Great quality and plenty of padding to catch non-knuckleballers.

Cons: None yet.

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by fxbrehm

Pros: Great for grabbing knuckle balls out of the strike zone. Has as much or more padding for fastballs as my Wilson A2000 mitt. The CM3000KM has held-up very well over the past two-years. This is a sturdy, well-built mitt, that can be offered at a great price because All Star does not have to pay a pro to put his name on the glove. The larger pocket helps to offset the weight of the larger 35" glove.

Cons: Some users are initially bothered by the feel of catching fastballs in the larger pocket. With a bigger pocket, the sound is somewhat quieter and the impact might feel a bit "lighter." After some practice, you may very well prefer this pocket to the standard, smaller catcher's mitt webbing.

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  • 35.00 Inch Pattern
  • Basket Web
  • Can Be Used for Catching All Types of Pitchers
  • Designed Specifically for Catching Knuckle Ball Pitchers
  • Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide - Allows for a Faster Break-In but Longer Life
  • Open Back with Finger Hood and Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Popular Black and Tan Combo - Tan Leather in Palm is Softer to Create Amazing Pocket / Black Leather on Back Adds Support and Durability
All Star

All-Star Sporting Goods­® is a family business focused on quality and detail. Mostly know for having a strong reputation and presence among baseball and softball catchers, All-Star® holds many patents and has been on the leading edge of sporting goods development. Design LeadershipIn the area of baseball protective products, All-Star's design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter's helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight …

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Do you think this glove can handle catching low 80s fastballs without hand pain? Asked by Chris

Yes, the All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt can handle low 80s fastballs without hand pain. Cameron Expert

Could this be used with a twelve" softball? it looks to have a big pocket. Dad needs a new glove!!? Asked by Georges dad

Yes, this would be a great glove for you to use to catch softballs with. This glove is going to have a big enough pocket to catch with. Todd Expert

does this mitt have alot of padding? how long will it take to break in? Asked by Rebel

This will have decent padding, but a little below average since it isn't desgined as a traditional baseball catchers mitt. If you work with it everyday, it will take probably take a couple of weeks to break in. JH Expert

All Star has announced its next BIG thing! Introducing the All Star Professional Series Knuckle Ball Mitt. A professional glove customized for catching even the nastiest Knuckle Ball Pitchers. By combining an extra wide pocket with a wide hinge channel, this glove's flexibility is almost unheard of on the market. The added 35 Inch Circumference, helps players improve transfer speeds, and makes catching almost an effortless experience. The thinner heel and toe incorporated into this carefully constructed design are extra light to help boost agility and player performance. The All Star Professional Series is designed for fast break-in, hard use, and helps provide players' with an edge over the competition. These mitts feature premium oil-softened Japanese tanned US steer hide and heavy duty rawhide laces.The Velcro Back closure also provides an unmatched custom and comfortable fit for players. Always be better than the best: All Star! Free Shipping!

All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt
All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt
All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt
All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt
All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt
All Star Pro Series: CM3000KM Knuckle Ball Mitt

Timely delivery and great product. Best selection of fastpitch gloves!

Janice, St. Petersburg, FL