All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT (42)

All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT
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by jake

Pros: before i used this mitt i had problems with thumb injuries. not anymore once i bought this mitt. i have used it for over a year in about 150 games and its still going strong. the leather is the softest and it is the lightest mitt i have put my hand in. i have used all the major brands and this is

Cons: nothing that i can think of

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by The Dark Wizard

Pros: Best Catchers mitt I've ever used. Retains shape, durable, Breaks in nicely, Top of the line, An outstanding glove

Cons: Price, Laces stretch a little too much, Velcro back, (I'm more of an open back guy thats just a personal prefference)

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by NCKT24

Pros: i've always been a rawlings guy... but i'm so glad i made the switch to all-star to match my gear. glove is very light and breaks in very fast

Cons: laces seem to stretch out very fast and i think the glove may break in too much

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  • 33.50 Inch Pattern
  • Designed for the Serious Player
  • Extended Pocket with Profiled Toe Makes Scooping Easier
  • Japanese Tanned U.S. Steerhide - Allows for a Faster Break-In but Longer Life
  • Open Back with Finger Hood and Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Popular Black and Tan Combo - Tan Leather in Palm is Softer to Create Amazing Pocket / Black Leather on Back Adds Support and Durability
  • Reinforced Closed Web
All Star

All-Star Sporting Goods­® is a family business focused on quality and detail. Mostly know for having a strong reputation and presence among baseball and softball catchers, All-Star® holds many patents and has been on the leading edge of sporting goods development. Design LeadershipIn the area of baseball protective products, All-Star's design leadership is unsurpassed. From batter's helmets to leg guards, All-Star holds many patents and has made numerous developments that have now become standard in the industry. Wraparound shins and triple knees on leg guards, lightweight …

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I was wondering if going up in size would be a smart decision. I’ve been using a 33.5 with the all star pro model which is black leather (I forgot the name). Would a larger mitt be too heavy and difficult with transfers even though it’s easier to receive? I am a rising high school senior. Asked by Jarrett

It sounds like you are already aware of the pros and cons of increasing in glove size. I typically like going to route of a smaller glove because of the ease of transfers and overall control. Ultimately, it will be your decision to weigh those factors but the All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT is a great glove. Tyler Expert

What's the difference between this model and the CM3100SBT? Asked by jacob

The CM3000SBT is made with the highest quality leather from All Star's Japanese Steerhide leather stock, resulting in a glove designed to handle the highest pitch velocities and last a very long time, as well as a reinforced web design. Kyle J. Expert

I have a Wilson 1790 A2000 . Will the All Star have a larger or smaller pocket? Also what mitt has the largest pocket? Asked by BigDave

When comparing the pocket depth of the All Star Pro Elite Series: CM3000SBT Catcher's Mitt to that of other catcher mitts with the same 33.50 inch design one will not find much of a difference. As to what catcher's mitt will have the largest pocket, that would a tie between the All Star models that are 35 inch patterns and the 35 inch Marucci Pro Founders' Series model. Cameron Expert

The ULTIMATE Catcher's Mitt on the market, and one of the most popular mitts used by the Pros! The All Star Pro Elite Series Mitts are designed for the serious ball player. The exclusive Japanese Tanned Steer Hide Leather incorporated into this carefully constructed design allows for a fast break-in and extended life. Only the finest materials and hand craftsmanship are used to make these exceptional mitts. The soft, tan leather pocket allows for great feel and gives the ball that extra pop that the pitchers like, and look for. The black back gives the mitt just the right amount of support for handling, and most importantly, controlling the ball. The extended pro pocket is an added bonus for strength and support! Better support, better performance! Also, don't forget about the smooth back design with a locking tab back that eliminates bulk, improves comfort, and allows easy adjustment. Individually hand made, each glove is a work of art. Always Better Than The Best: All Star!

This All Star Pro Elite Catcher's Mitt (CM3000SB) features a 33.50-inch pattern, a reinforced closed web, and is the perfect choice for an elite catcher. Step up your game behind home plate and order an All-Star catcher's mitt today with free shipping and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee right here at JustBallGloves. We're here for you from click to catch!

All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT
All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT
All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT
All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT
All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT
All Star Pro Elite Series Baseball Catcher's Mitt: CM3000SBT

Easy return/exchange policy with pre-printed label. I ordered the wrong model and needed to exchange it. I wanted A2000 showcase vs A2000. My mistake.

Eric, Hilo