Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt With FREE Akadema Sunglasses (6)

Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt
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by Kyle

Pros: This glove is an excellent glove i've own several Akadema catchers gloves and this is by far the best. It has a great feel to it that all age levels will love. Its light and has a great pocket for quick ball transfer to throw runners out I am a College Catcher and i love this glove i recommend it to everyone who wants a glove they can count on.

Cons: The glove is a very good glove as i have said the only thing i could think of to help you make a decision is that this glove if mistreated can become very floppy or if you know baseball lingo a pancake. However if treated right and kept up to proper maintence this glove tops all others by far.

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by Russell

Pros: I love this mitt. Work of art.


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by Andy

Pros: The leather is high quality. It fits a smaller adult hand well. It has ample padding but I have not tested it catching high speed adult pitches. I'm sure it would be as good as anything else in that regard.

Cons: There is a round cushion inside the glove between the thumb and index finger which is designed to absorb impact. After a year and a half using this to catch for my son and his youth team in practices, cage time, lessons, etc. that area of the glove still won't break in. I brought it recently to someone who breaks in gloves for a living and they agreed the design just lends itself to that part of the glove remaining stiffer. This results in the glove working well for many catches but in certain ones you just cannot close the glove enough and the ball can pop out. I did call Akadema about 9 months into using it and they just advised to keep working on it and it will break in. After another 2 seasons, and that glove pro's review I am convinced the issue is one of design. Perhaps others will have better luck. While I really like the 2 Akadema youth gloves, I'm sorry to say I would not recommend this glove.

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  • 33.00 Inch Catcher's Mitt
  • Double Flexhinge
  • Double-Sided Slim Padding
  • Kip Leather
  • Leather is 20% Lighter
  • Praying Mantis Pattern
  • Quick Break-In
  • Stress Wedge for Added Protection
  • Two Finger Hammocks for Added Control

In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players. The Akadema phenomenon started with the Professional Glove Series and continues with the Reptilian®, Praying Mantis®, Pro Soft™ and Prodigy™ Glove Series as well as the Amish Wood™, Tacktion™ and Xtension® Aluminum Bat Series. Akadema's ownership attributes increasing market share to their innovative professional baseball and softball product line in contrast to mass- …

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What are the specific differences between the Torino and Precision mitt's? Asked by BL

The biggest difference that will exist between this Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis (APM43 Catcher's Mitt) and the Akadema Precision Series Praying Mantis (APM241 Catcher's Mitt) is that this Torino Series Parying Mantis features much higher quality kip leather (when compared to the leather on the Precision Series Praying Mantis). Besides that difference in leather quality, the two gloves display very similar features. Ben Expert

What hand size/opening does the APM43 seem to be made for? Asked by 900Monster

The Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt is designed for a teenage player ideally; between the ages of 12-15. Cameron Expert

What is the difference between this glove and the APM241? Asked by Ellen

The Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt is made of kip leather that gives it a slightly lighter feel, while the Akadema Precision Series Praying Mantis: APM241 Catcher's Mitt is constructed from select steerhide leather. The patterns of the gloves also differ in regards to shape and web type. Angelique Expert

Known for comfortable gloves that perform unlike anything else on the field, Akadema has raised the bar with the Torino Series. With a light brown palm and a chocolate brown shell, the Torino Series performs even better than it looks! Akadema's newest glove line is made from soft and smooth kip leather that enables the Torino Series to be 20% lighter than traditional gloves, yet just as durable as U.S. steerhide. These gloves break-in quickly yet retain their shape better than any other glove on the market. This 33.00 Inch Praying Mantis Catcher's Mitt features Akadema's patented new Stress Wedge technology. Located between the index finger and thumb, the Stress Wedge offers shock absorbing protection for the hand when catching pitches. Two Finger Hammocks allow the fingers to be positioned more securely in the glove, giving the player added control. Additional features include the Double-sided Slim Padding that allows for increased pocket size and easier ball retention. The uniquely designed shape of this mitt allows the throwing hand easier access into the pocket, resulting in a quicker glove to hand transfer and faster times to second base. The Praying Mantis also features a Double Flexhinge which makes the glove snap closed on contact. Akadema: Bring Your "A" Game! Free Shipping!

Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt

Great service, price, and fast delivery.

David, Indianola, IA