Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77 With FREE Akadema Sunglasses (20)

Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
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  • Overall Rating
by charF

Pros: the attached fingers were unique to look at but this thing catches everything.


  • Overall Rating
by butwhymom

Pros: This glove is comfortable, the inside is soft and fits my hand well. It was easy to break-in. As a pitcher, I like the pocket design. I also like the padding, I feel confident catching line-drives on the mound.


  • Overall Rating
by Kokomo, IN

Pros: Ready to use right out of the box, or I should say...right out of the bag (comes with a very nice bag). Daughter (12U) already has an Akadema catcher's glove that she has used for years, but was given an opportunity to play a tournament and needed a fielder's glove. Great purchase, great glove, and great service. Speedy delivery too! This site deserves more than 5 stars...

Cons: There should be more than 5 stars to choose from when rating a glove or the company!

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  • Game Day Glove of Julie Smith, USA Gold Medal Second Baseman
  • 12.50 Inch Pattern
  • B-Hive Closed Web
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Deep Pocket
  • Female Fastpitch Fit - Smaller Hand Opening and Finger Stalls with Shorter Distance Between Thumb and Index Finger
  • Grasp Clasp Adjustable Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Infield Model
  • Reptilian Pattern - Fingerless Design Allowing for Quicker Ball Transfer
  • U.S. Steerhide Leather Construction (Palm and Web) with AkademaLyte Leather on Back to Reduce Weight

In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players. The Akadema phenomenon started with the Professional Glove Series and continues with the Reptilian®, Praying Mantis®, Pro Soft™ and Prodigy™ Glove Series as well as the Amish Wood™, Tacktion™ and Xtension® Aluminum Bat Series. Akadema's ownership attributes increasing market share to their innovative professional baseball and softball product line in contrast to mass- …

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My 10 year old is using a youth 12” glove, but it seems to be too small. She drops the ball. What size should we try? Asked by clayton softball

The size of the glove mostly depends on personal preference and position mostly, and can vary from player to player. If you think it's too small, going up to a 12.5" or 13" could help. Kyle J. Expert

My daughter plays 14u softball and is a utility player. Is this the right glove for her? Asked by jonny appleseed

At 14U, this Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Glove Series (ATS77) and its 12.5" length should function well as a utility mitt for use in the infield and outfield. Ben Expert

What size is this glove? Asked by Johnny Baseball

The Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Series (ATS77) is a 12.50" glove. Carter Expert

Akadema is the most exciting baseball and softball company in the world. Akadema's ownership attributes an increasing market share to their innovative quality professional product line in contrast to mass-produced products that have little to do with quality, feel, or design that raise the level of play. Born to satisfy the needs of the competitive fastpitch player, the Akadema Fastpitch Design Series is handcrafted to increase your level of performance on the field. Constructed of U.S. Steerhide throughout the pocket and webbing, the back of the glove features exclusive AkademaLyte leather, decreasing the overall weight of the glove and allowing for a faster break-in period and a more manageable feel. Smaller finger stalls used to decrease the distance between the thumb and index finger and Akadema's Grasp Clasp adjustable wrist strap allow for increased playability for female fastpitch players. Akadema: Bring Your "A" Game! Free Shipping!

Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77
Akadema Reptilian Fastpitch Softball Glove: ATS77

Price and timing of delivery..excellent!

Joshua, Maryville, TN