Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12 With FREE Akadema Sunglasses (1)

Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12
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by Honkykatonky

Pros: My son loves this glove! He uses an Akadema catcher glove so buying this glove was an easy choice. Nice deep pocket. Quick break in at home and then broke it in a little more at practice. The leather and laces feel top notch. Fairly light glove.

Cons: NONE!

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  • 12.00 Inch Pattern
  • B-Hive Closed Web
  • Colorway: Light Tan / Chocolate Brown
  • Constructed from Select Steerhide Leather
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Deep Pocket
  • Exceptionally Light and Playable Right Out of the Box
  • Game-Ready Feel
  • Infield / Pitcher / Utility Model

In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players. The Akadema phenomenon started with the Professional Glove Series and continues with the Reptilian®, Praying Mantis®, Pro Soft™ and Prodigy™ Glove Series as well as the Amish Wood™, Tacktion™ and Xtension® Aluminum Bat Series. Akadema's ownership attributes increasing market share to their innovative professional baseball and softball product line in contrast to mass- …

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My son is a C, P, 1B and sometimes O/F. He has an Akadema catchers mitt and Akadema 1B. He is looking to upgrade his Pitching glove but would like it to do double duty for OF. Any thoughts? He loves Akadema Asked by Paul

The Akadema Pro Soft Series: ADH214-12 would work well for both positions. If he isn't playing every game out in the outfield then this would work great for both. Max Expert

My son is 12 years old, 4 foot 11 and 85 pounds. Would this glove fit him? Asked by MR

The Akadema Pro Soft Series (ADH214-12) should typically work for a player of that age. Whether the glove would fit would be more dependent on their hand size rather than physical size. Patrick Expert

Is it a 13 inch glove? Asked by darryl

The Akadema Pro Soft Series (ADH214-12) is a 12 inch pattern. Patrick Expert

Akadema is the most exciting baseball and softball company in the world. Their increasing market share can be attributed to their innovative quality and professionally designed product line. Focusing on the quality, feel and small details has lifted Akadema to the next level. With a goal to provide products for all ball players, Akadema has created the newest installment of the Pro Soft Series. This model features a new two-tone color scheme that is sure to impress. The Pro Soft Series is Akadema's exclusive glove for comfort and a game-ready feel. The Pro Soft Series comes ready to play right out of the workshop and gives players an unparalleled feeling of softness. With a conventional open back and a deep pocket, these gloves are perfect for just about any position in the field. Akadema: Bring Your "A-Game"! Free Shipping!

Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12
Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12
Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12
Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12
Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12
Akadema Pro Soft Series Baseball Glove: ADH214-12

Thanks very much! Sorry it didn't work out, but we will continue to buy through your company - great gloves, fair prices, and great customer service!

John , Ann Arbor, MI