Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt With FREE Akadema Sunglasses (17)

Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt
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  • Overall Rating
by Z-MAN

Pros: Can custom fit the mitt with the additional finger hammocks. Deep pocket keeps the ball from popping out...

Cons: Only one color choice.

  • Overall Rating
by Joe

Pros: Really stiff, WHICH IS A GOOD THING. it gives you plenty of time to break it in to your hand, not how the factory wants it. Anyway, great pop, deep pocket, smells great. The glove feels weird at first because the fingers all have straps, but it feels nice and snug before too long

Cons: Thought it was going to be white , but it turned out more grey. still awesome

  • Overall Rating
by Mean Joe 75

Pros: Glove is just AWESOME!!! the gray and black look great... finger hammocks take a little getting used to but they really can give a custom fit... Glove is very well made and should hold up nicely... deep pocket for a 32.5 inch glove...

Cons: Is a bear to break in but all good catchers mitts are... It was no harder to break in than my A2000 or my nokona...

  • Free Shipping!
  • 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee
  • 32.50 Inch Pattern
  • Double Flexhinge for Easier Closure
  • Double-Sided Slim Padding Absorbs Shock and Creates a Larger Pocket
  • Medium-Deep Pocket
  • Open Back
  • Praying Mantis Design - Allows Fingers to Fit More Comfortably
  • Stress Wedge Technology for Added Thumb Protection
  • Triple Hammock Web

In Akadema's short but remarkable history it has become one of America's hottest baseball and softball equipment company for professional, college, high school, and serious youth players. The Akadema phenomenon started with the Professional Glove Series and continues with the Reptilian®, Praying Mantis®, Pro Soft™ and Prodigy™ Glove Series as well as the Amish Wood™, Tacktion™ and Xtension® Aluminum Bat Series. Akadema's ownership attributes increasing market share to their innovative professional baseball and softball product line in contrast to mass- …

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Are there any reps in Cedar Hill, TX that I can meet and see if this a good fit for my son before I purchase? Asked by bobby pinter

Unfortunately, JustBallGloves does not have any representatives that are located in different regions of the United States that can assist with testing out gloves. However, we do have a 100 day guarantee at JustBallGloves. That guarantee allows a customer to get this Akadema Praying Mantis Series (APM42 Catcher's Mitt) and use the mitt. However, if you decide you do not like the mitt and want to send the glove back to JustBallGloves, you can do so as long as you are under the 100 day guarantee. You would just need to notify JustBallGloves if you wanted to return a mitt under the 100 day guarantee and we would set you up with a free UPS return shipping label. Ben Expert

Compared to the APM43, which mitt has stiffer, more durable leather and has a longer break-in period? Also, what hand size/opening is this mitt best suited for? Asked by Andy

Both the Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt and the Akadema Torino Series Praying Mantis: APM43 Catcher's Mitt feature similar stiffness and durability. Both are designed for adult hands, but the APM43 seems to fit tighter, more suitable for a smaller adult hand. Logan Expert

Is there a better mitt than this one for a high school catcher? Asked by brewers

For a full list of catcher mitts to consider for a high school catcher, besides the Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt, we would recommend reaching out to a customer coach by calling in. Cameron Expert

Akadema is the most exciting baseball and softball company in the world. Akadema's ownership attributes an increasing market share to their innovative quality professional product line in contrast to mass-produced products that have little to do with quality, feel, or design that raise the level of play. Much like in the insect world where the Praying Mantis is known to devour its competition, Akadema's new catchers mitt will do the same to conventional catchers mitts. The Akadema patent Praying Mantis is the most innovative catchers mitt ever to hit the market, with many unique features setting it apart from the competition. With new patented Stress Wedge technology, located between the index finger and thumb, the Praying Mantis offers shock-absorbing protection for the hand against injury and sting when receiving the ball. The Praying Mantis also offers two additional Finger Hammocks allowing the fingers to be firmly positioned and more secure in the glove. Additional features include the Double-sided Slim Padding allowing for increased pocket size and easier ball retention. Uniquely designed shape allows the throwing hand easier access in the pocket, resulting in a quicker glove to hand transfer and faster times to second base. Akadema: Bring Your "A" Game! Free Shipping!

Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt
Akadema Praying Mantis Series: APM42 Catcher's Mitt

Wouldn't buy a glove for the kid from anywhere else, always great service and fast shipping plus the 100 day return policy.

Lefty, Felton, CA