2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25" Baseball Glove: WTA20RB18PF88 (1)

2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25
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by AVP

Pros: Amazing glove, great size for mid-infielders, beautiful colors, simply amazing.

Cons: None.

  • *100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping!
  • 11.25 Inch Pattern
  • Colorway: Black / Blonde / Red
  • Comparable To The Popular 1788 Infield Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining Offers Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • Dual Welting Creates A Perfect Pocket With Long Lasting Structure
  • Infielder Glove
  • I-Web (Wilson H-Web) With Double X Laces
  • Pedroia Fit Offers A Smaller Wrist Opening With Tighter Finger Stalls For A More Secure Fit
  • PF88 Pattern
  • Pro Stock Leather Provides Rugged Durability With An Unbeatable Feel
  • Recommended Positions: Short Stop & Second Base

A true American icon in the world of sports equipment. This Chicago-based manufacturer of quality gloves began in 1913 as Ashland Manufacturing, which was as a subsidiary of the Wilson & Co. meat company. At one point, the enterprise became known as the Thomas E. Wilson Co., taking the name of an early chief executive. In 1931, the name was changed to Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Wilson makes a variety of baseball gloves for several different positions. They are best known for models that include A2K and A2000, as well as custom gloves. Players such as Clayton Kershaw and Miguel Cabrer …

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What is the exact weight of this particle style glove with the SuperSkin? Asked by Players Only

The 2018 Wilson A2000 11.25" Baseball Glove: WTA20RB18PF88 will weigh roughly 19.2 ounces. Cameron Expert

What is the weight difference between this glove and the 11.25" model with Superskin? Asked by Mark

The exact difference will vary from model to model, but a rough estimate would probably put the SuperSkin model anywhere from 2-3 oz lighter. Kyle J. Expert

Is this a Pedroia fit? I got my 10 yr old the black DP size 11.5 and wondering if I should have gone with 11.25. Asked by david

The 2018 Wilson A2000 11.25" Baseball Glove: WTA20RB18PF88 does offer the Pedroia fit. As for what size to get a player that is 10 years old, one could go in either direction as far as 11.25 or 11.50. Ultimately it comes down to what size the player feels more comfortable and confident with. Cameron Expert

Wilson A2000 baseball gloves are the number one (1) selling Pro Stock glove in the world! Since its introduction in 1957, the Wilson A2000 has set the standard and continues to exceed expectations year after year. With over 55 years of game changing performance, the A2000 is still one of the top selling and most popular glove choices among baseball's top athletes. Wilson has spent decades working with both MLB players and sandlot players to refine the A2000 design so that it outperforms and outlasts all others. With an American Pro Stock Steerhide Leather construction that is hand selected for its rugged durability, long lasting structure, and unbeatable feel, the A2000 is guaranteed to be your gamer. Inside of each model, the Dri-Lex Wrist Lining helps keep sweat at bay and ensures your hand stays cool and dry even during the summer's hottest days. Unmatched in their feel and performance, all A2000 patterns are endlessly field tested and constantly improved by hundreds of professionals and top amateur players that choose only Wilson Ball Gloves. The result is a glove that breaks in perfectly for hardworking players everywhere. There's a reason Wilson Pro Stock gloves are sold to ballplayers more often than all other brands combined. Wilson: The Official Glove of Major League Baseball!

This Wilson A2000 PF88 Baseball Glove (WTA20RB18PF88) features a small 11.25-inch pattern, an I-Web (Wilson H-web) with double X laces, and dual welting for a more durable pocket. Due to the unique construction of the PF88 pattern, it is most comparable to the popular 1788 infielder's glove but with a Pedroia Fit for players with smaller hands. Dominate on defense and get one of these A2000 baseball gloves with free shipping and our 100 Day Love Your Glove Guarantee. Don't forget, we're here from click to catch!

2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25
2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25
2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25
2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25
2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25
2018 Wilson A2000 Pedroia Fit 11.25

The Customer Service of this organization is remarkable. Each and every interaction I've had on the phone for any need (has been met with finding a polite, professional, and personable individual that clearly is looking to make sure the customer is satisfied and put first. I know from experience that this isn't the case just when they are looking to make a sale. I personally have also reached out recently regarding an online purchase where it is most likely that we (my wife and I) ordered the wrong glove accidentally and realized this the day before it arrived. I called the company and they didn't care whether or not it was our fault or their fault that the incorrect glove was being shipped. They were clearly only concerned with making the situation right for us. They not only immediately sent out a return label for the incorrect glove to be returned once we got it, but far more importantly sent out the correct glove that same aftrn that we spoke, and offered to overnight air the correct glove to me (at their expense) so we would not have to wait. They covered this expedited service and had no interest in who may have been at fault for the wrong glove being originally shipped. I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of not only the staff, but also the service they provide and the way they run their business. I would highly recommend Justballgloves.com to anyone considering this type of purchase. You will not be disappointed.

Scott, Douglas, MA