2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12" Baseball Glove: A2KRB17DW5GM (1)

2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12
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Pros: Perfect pocket. Awesome look. Super sturdy.

Cons: Suuuppperrr stiff at first. Get ready to break it in

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  • David Wright Game Day Model
  • 12.00 Inch Pattern
  • 3X More Craftsman Shaping - Reduces Break-In, Ensures Ideal Pocket Structure
  • Colorway: Charcoal Gray / Orange / Royal Blue
  • Double Palm Construction - Prevents Premature Wearing of the Leather in the Palm
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • D-Shaped Pocket For Quicker Transfers
  • Dual Post Web
  • Extra Long Fingers Provide Lateral Range
  • Infield Glove
  • Pro Stock Select Leather - Cut From Top 5% of All Wilson Leather Hides
  • Rolled Dual Welting - Allows Glove to Retain Shape Better Over Time

A true American icon in the world of sports equipment. This Chicago-based manufacturer of quality gloves began in 1913 as Ashland Manufacturing, which was as a subsidiary of the Wilson & Co. meat company. At one point, the enterprise became known as the Thomas E. Wilson Co., taking the name of an early chief executive. In 1931, the name was changed to Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Wilson makes a variety of baseball gloves for several different positions. They are best known for models that include A2K and A2000, as well as custom gloves. Players such as Clayton Kershaw and Miguel Cabrer …

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Could the 2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12'' Baseball Glove: A2KRB17DW5GM be used by a 13 year old kid in the outfield? Asked by Leo

The 2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12" Baseball Glove: A2KRB17DW5GM could certainly be used by a 13 year old playing the OF. The A2K models feature additional padding and a higher leather quality so it will require some time to break it in properly. Cameron Expert

New for 2017! The Wilson A2K is the premier baseball glove from Wilson. This is the one top players turn to when they want a long lasting glove that breaks in without breaking down. These models are meticulously crafted and constructed with a focus on durability and shaping. Made up of Pro Stock Select Leather, the best ball glove leather out there, the A2K only uses the top 5% of Wilson's leather for guaranteed consistency and flawlessness. This leads to a stronger pocket and an all around higher quality baseball glove. Adding to the greatness is the fact that master technicians spend three times longer pounding and shaping the A2K by hand for a reduced break-in period. With the combination of the additional shaping and Wilson's Rolled Dual Welting, which is where thin strips of Pro Stock leather are skived thin and rolled, the A2K retains its shape much better over the long haul. Another great feature of the Wilson A2K is the Double Palm Construction. A thin strategically cut piece of leather is placed between the palm liner and outer shell, providing maximum pocket stability and shock resistance. Wilson and their glove technicians are devoted to handcrafting the hardest working gloves in the game. Time and passion are put into every single glove whether it's made for play on an MLB field or your local diamond. It's no surprise that Major League Baseball players choose to use Wilson to get them through a 162 game season. That should be all the proof you need that the Wilson A2K is created with unparalleled craftsmanship. Wilson: Leather With Major Presence!

This 2017 Wilson A2K Baseball Glove (A2KRB17DW5GM) features a 12.00 pattern, a dual post web, and it is the game day model of MLB third baseman, David Wright. It is not only worn by him, he designed the glove to his own specifications and style. Purchase your A2K baseball glove today with free shipping and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee right here at JustBallGloves.com! We're here for you from Click to Catch!

2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12
2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12
2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12
2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12
2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12
2017 Wilson A2K David Wright 12

Return policy. Just as described, the glove was for my son and was just as he picked out from the pics on the website. A+

Timothy, Dublin, VA