2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: WTA20RF17V125SS (0)

2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5
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  • 12.50 Inch Pattern
  • Colorway: Black / White
  • Custom Fit System Designed For Optimal Break-In & No Creases
  • D-Fusion Palm Padding Absorbs Shock To Create No Sting Zone
  • Dri-Lex Wrist Lining - Ultra-Breathable, Moisture Wicking Material
  • Dual Welting Creates Durable Pocket & Long Lasting Break-In
  • Fastpitch Softball Specific Design
  • New Hook & Loop Wrist Closure For A Secure Fit
  • Outfielder Glove
  • Pro Stock Leather - Rugged Durability With An Unmatched Feel
  • Super Skin Technology - Reduces Excess Weight, Repels Moisture, 2X Stronger Than Leather
  • Victory Web

A true American icon in the world of sports equipment. This Chicago-based manufacturer of quality gloves began in 1913 as Ashland Manufacturing, which was as a subsidiary of the Wilson & Co. meat company. At one point, the enterprise became known as the Thomas E. Wilson Co., taking the name of an early chief executive. In 1931, the name was changed to Wilson Sporting Goods Co. Wilson makes a variety of baseball gloves for several different positions. They are best known for models that include A2K and A2000, as well as custom gloves. Players such as Clayton Kershaw and Miguel Cabrer …

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This glove cannot be used in many little leagues and tournaments by a pitcher because the white color is prohibited as its considered a distraction. Why is Wilson marketing this as a pitcher's glove? Asked by Coach John

This glove is marketed as an all around model due to it's 12.5" size and closed back webbing. It could be used for nearly any position other than catcher or first base. If your league does not allow it for pitching due to the colors, it would also serve as a good outfield or infield glove as well. Kyle J. Expert

What type of product would you use on the outside to condition and keep the glove true to the original color as best as you can? Asked by Lee

If you are looking to keep a glove clean of dirt and debris, you can usually scrub out most debris with some sort of damp brush, or use a damp cloth with a very light amount of soap mixed in. There are also some more expensive leather treatment products available at other stores online. Kyle J. Expert

My daughter is 14. The glove says for outfield position. Can this glove be used for infield as well? Asked by Tony

Glove size really depends on the personal preference of the player. Typically, you see a 12" model for infield and a 13" model for outfield. The 12.50" size on the 2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove: WTA20RF17V125SS tends to work well for the outfield or the infield. Jason Expert

New from Wilson for 2017! The A2000 fastpitch softball glove is a serious glove for a serious player. Wilson has once again made an already masterful glove even better as time goes on. Crafted from Pro Stock Leather that is made specifically for Wilson ball gloves, this American steer hide is rugged durability and unparalleled quality all rolled into one. Similar to that of the A2000 baseball glove, Dual Welting is where two strips of leather are placed along each finger back to create an extremely durable pocket and a long-lasting break-in. Inside the glove, the Wilson Custom Fit System is designed for an optimal break-in, no creases, and a perfect fit no matter who the player is. In addition to the custom fit system, the D-Fusion palm padding just below the pocket helps absorb shock from hard throws and provides a no sting zone for incomparable comfort. With this particular glove, Wilson has replaced some of the leather on the back of the shell with their proprietary Super Skin material. Super Skin further reduces the gloves break-in time, repels moisture, repels dirt, and is actually 2X stronger and lighter than actual leather. Furthermore, each A2000 fastpitch softball glove comes with the new hook and loop wrist closure to guarantee a secure and snug fit. Wilson: The Tradition Continues!

This 2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin Fastpitch Softball Glove: WTA20RF17V125SS features a 12.50 inch pattern, a victory web, and should be used in the outfield. If you consider yourself to be an elite outfielder, buy this Wilson A2000 fastpitch softball glove today with free shipping and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee right here at JustBallGloves.com. We're here for you from Click to Catch!

2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5
2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5
2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5
2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5
2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5
2017 Wilson A2000 Super Skin 12.5

I ordered the wrong size but still got free return shipping and refund was immediate! Every order has been delivered within 24 hours. Reviews are very helpful. Love this place!

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