2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13" First Base Mitt: PS1300FBTT (0)

2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13
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  • 100% Steer Hide, Pro Select Leather - Long Lasting & Game Ready
  • 13.00 Inch Pattern
  • Colorway: Brown / Black
  • Cowhide Inner Lining For Added Comfort
  • Dyed Leather
  • Exterior Index Finger Pad For Added Protection & Comfort
  • First Base Mitt
  • Modified Trap Web
  • New XRD Extreme Impact Protection Technology Absorbs Impact Energy & Reduces Sting
  • Pro Select Laces Add Structure, Strength, & Durability
Shoeless Joe

Shoeless Joe modern day ball gloves have that old time "Golden Era" look, but are fierce competitors on today's baseball and softball fields. All Shoeless Joe ball gloves are handmade with 100% Tobacco Tanned steer hide that allows all styles of Shoeless Joe and Jane ball gloves to be easily broken in and "Game Ready," in a very short period of time. All styles and sizes of the Shoeless Joe ball glove line are manufactured with the most up-to-date technology for construction and design, to effectively play the game. Because of these recent updates, your Shoeless Joe or Jane glove will m …

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(1) Are the Shoeless Joe Pro gloves actually made in the USA or are they also made overseas? (2) Has there been many complaints on these gloves? Asked by Goldbhh

(1) I believe that this 2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13" First Base Mitt (PS1300FBTT) is actually made in Mexico. (2) Overall, most people that are looking for the old-style look of glove love these Shoeless Joe models. However, some players do complain that the gloves get very soft ("floppy") after extensive use. Ben Expert

Shoeless Joe has added to its brand of baseball gloves for 2017! The brand new Pro Select series was produced for an athlete who plays baseball year round and has the objective of playing at an elite level. What sets this glove apart is the XRD extreme impact protection technology that provides ball catching comfort and a significantly decreased break-in period. A lightweight piece of XRD foam is placed in the palm area of each glove to absorb and dissipate any impact energy making the potential for hand sting greatly reduced. The 100% steer hide, pro select leather also contributes to the reduced break-in and since this leather is cut from the thicker part of a hide it delivers a long lasting glove with exceptional durability. With a cowhide inner lining and an exterior index finger pad, the overall feel of the Pro Select baseball mitt is top notch and can not be beaten. Plus, the Pro Select laces bring it all together by adding structure, strength, and additional durability. Shoeless Joe: When It Was Just A Game!

This 2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select First Base Mitt: PS1300FBTT features a 13.00-inch pattern, a modified T-web, and is a perfect choice for adult or elite first baseman. Get one of these Pro Select first base mitts today with free shipping and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee right here at JustBallGloves.com. We're here for you from Click to Catch!

2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13
2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13
2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13
2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13
2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13
2017 Shoeless Joe Pro Select 13

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