2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5" Baseball Glove: RCS115BR (0)

2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5
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  • *100 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • Free Shipping!
  • 11.50 Inch Pattern
  • All Leather Laces For Continued Performance
  • Break-In: 20% Player, 80% Factory
  • Colorway: Black / Blue / White
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Dual Core Technology - Position Specific Break Points For Natural, Easy Closure
  • Full-Grain Steer Hide Leather For Game Ready Feel & Long Lasting Durability
  • Infield Glove
  • Narrow Fit Pattern - Smaller Hand Opening For A More Secure Fit
  • Pro I-Web

Rawlings is a major manufacturer of competitive team sports equipment and apparel for baseball, basketball, and football, as well as licensed MLB, NFL, and NCAA retail products. Rawlings is a major supplier to professional, collegiate, interscholastic and amateur organizations worldwide, including the Official Baseball Supplier to Major League Baseball and the Official Basketball and Football for NCAA Championships.The first real innovation in glove making occurred in 1912 when Rawlings Sporting Goods Company introduced the "Sure Catch" glove, which was "endorsed by leading players all o …

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Is this for adult or youth? Asked by MO

Given the narrow fit sizing of the 2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5" Baseball Glove: RCS115BR, this glove is recommended to be used by a youth player or older players will smaller hands. Tyler Expert

Would this glove fit a 13 year old who has larger hands? Asked by baseballer

For a 13 year old player who has larger hands, I would recommend looking to a regular adult fitting baseball mitt over this 2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5" Baseball Glove (RCS115BR). The narrow fitting on this glove wouldn't provide very much time at which your player could effectively fit into this mitt (he would grow out quickly). Ben Expert

would this glove fit a normal sized 11-year old boy? I'm currently looking at a Wilson A1K Dustin Pedroia fit glove. How do these two gloves compare with one another? Asked by Baseball_Pops

I do think the 2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5" Baseball Glove (RCS115BR) would fit a normal sized 11 year old boy just fine. I think that the fit of the two gloves are going to be extremely similar. Carter Expert

New for 2017! The Rawlings Custom Series (RCS) is the perfect choice for a travel ball player looking to add some flare to their game. With colorful designs and the Rawlings narrow fit pattern, these baseball gloves are intended for a player who is making the transition to an adult glove but isn't quite ready to use one. The narrow fit pattern results in a smaller hand opening with shorter finger stalls for a more secure fit on a younger player's hand. Plus, each model features the patented Dual Core Technology which means there are position specific break points within the inner palm lining for a customized fit and shape. Made up of full-grain leather steer hide and strong durable leather laces, the RCS is a long lasting and durable ball glove with season after season performance. This high-quality series may be extremely durable but it is also genuinely game-ready for a quick and effortless break-in period. Each individual RCS baseball glove requires about a 20% player break-in. If you're looking to make a statement and take your game to the next level, consider the Rawlings RCS baseball glove. Rawlings: The Mark of a Pro!

This 2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit Baseball Glove: RCS115BR features an 11.50 inch pattern, a pro I-web, and is intended for an infielder. The pro I-web is typically used at a middle infield position such as shortstop or second base. Buy a Rawlings RCS baseball glove today with free shipping and a 100 Day Money-Back Guarantee right here at JustBallGloves.com. We're here for you from Click to Catch!

2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5
2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5
2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5
2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5
2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5
2017 Rawlings RCS Narrow Fit 11.5

Wouldn't buy a glove for the kid from anywhere else, always great service and fast shipping plus the 100 day return policy.

Lefty, Felton, CA