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Scents of the Game Review

Being a ball player means more than going to practice and showing up to games. At JustGloves, we’ve found that baseball players will take any excuse to allow the sport to permeate into all areas of their life. They want to rock their team’s gear to school, they want to read the biographies of Hall of Famers and they even want the same haircuts as the big league stars of today’s game.

Well, players and fans of America’s pastime can now add a touch of baseball to their toiletry bag...wait what?!?

Finally, a collection of baseball-inspired scents has been contrived and implemented into a line of body wash, shampoo + conditioner and deodorant. This body care brand is called Scents of the Game and its goal is to help you Keep Foul On The Field. Specifically, this collection of is known as the 5-Tool Kit.


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What’s in the 5-Tool Kit?

    • Pine Tar Body Wash - Nothing beats that rush of fresh mountain air that hits your lungs right after adding the final layer of pine tar to your baseball bat. It gets your mind right before you clash with the pitcher in the batter’s box. Get that same charge of energy while you’re preparing to attack your morning routine.

    • Champagne Shower Body Wash - Take yourself back to when your squad was celebrating the pennant. The ski goggles, the flash cubes and the bubbly will never be forgotten.

    • Glove Leather Shampoo & Conditioner - Pitch, Smell, Pitch Smell… When you’re out on the infield dirt, you always bring your baseball glove up for a sniff in between pitches. It’s the same smell every single time, but why break tradition? Add some tradition to your morning routine when the lettuce needs a rinse!

      • Fresh Cut Grass Deodorant - You've arrived at the field early. Grass got a new haircut the evening before. Dew is burning off the turf. That smell… Wear the aroma all day.

    • Turf Scrubber - Using this Turf Scrubber is like scrubbing with a piece of astro turf, but it’s not painful and super cool!

Don't Forget About The Bonus 6th Tool!

Well, how are you going to tote all of these Scents around? Don't worry for a single moment. We won't make you use that same toiletry bag that your parents bought when you were headed off for your freshman year of college.

Allow yourself to be introduced to camo-colored carrying bag that has been specifically designed to handle all of these scents. It's got the Routine Baseball brand on the outside as Routine is the exclusive partner of Scents of the Game! Take a peak at the bag below:


Where Can I Buy Scents of the Game?

Shop Scents At


We hope that Scents of the Game has piqued your interest a little bit! Seriously though, what baseball fan wouldn't love a bag of baseball scents for their toiletry bag?!?

But if you're on the hunt for a baseball or softball glove and have found yourself stuck, please reach out to our team of Glove Experts. They can be reached on phone at 866-321-2287, through email via or by LIVE CHATTING right here

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