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JustGloves Best Holiday Gift Ideas

Top Holiday Gifts

It’s getting to be that time of the year again. Moms, dads, you know what we’re getting at here. It’s time to start shopping for the holidays! With just a few months remaining, now is the perfect time to start finding those ‘no way!?’ kind of gifts. The ones that’ll make you glad you were recording their reactions. And what better way to nail this than with a brand new glove? Obviously, we’re a little biased here but we think a new baseball or softball glove is a sure-fire way to win the holiday season.


The main concern with most of our shoppers is that the market has so many options to choose from. Every manufacturer seems to have their own version of each glove in nearly every size imaginable. It certainly can be overwhelming but hopefully, this gifting guide can help you navigate through all of the options to land on the glove that’s perfect for the player in your life. And if you make it to the end of all of these lists and still can’t find the right glove, feel free to take advantage of our Glove Coach or our Glove Experts because… We’re with you from Click to Catch! (sorry, had to do it)


Without any more chit chat here, please enjoy the Top 2020 Holiday Gifts from JustGloves.


The Best Youth Gloves for the Holidays

1. Wilson A900 Pedroia Fit 11.5” (WTA09RB20115PF)

Designed specifically for smaller hands and wrists the Wilson Pedroia Fit gloves make for the ideal option for younger players. This particular model from Wilson sports a beautiful brown and black colorway along with a positionally versatile I-Web. One of the bonuses about the A900 is the double palm padding to provide younger players with more protection and a sturdier overall glove construction. Given the rate at which young players develop, you can reasonably expect your young star to outgrow this glove before it becomes unusable.


2. Nokona Alpha Select Series Baseball Glove (S-200 Youth)

If you are wanting to have the best youth glove available, regardless of price, you have to check out the Nokona Alpha Select Series S-200 Youth. Handcrafted in America, the Buffalo and Stampede leather used in the construction are both durable and dependable. It will arrive between 11 - 11.5” making it ideal for almost every youth position on the diamond. The Modified-T Web boosts the confidence of each player on every catch. If you get the chance, check out the reviews on our website. If that doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will.


3. Mizuno Prospect Series -- Great Value!

With so many different Mizuno Prospect gloves to choose from, we decided to keep this suggestion open to the entire series. Mizuno Prospects are everything you could want in a youth glove. They’ll arrive game-ready to avoid the dreaded glove break-in process. They’re lightweight to allow younger, less confident players complete control. And lastly, Prospects are manufactured from real pigskin leather to provide surprising long durability especially given the overall low price point. Each glove is well under $100 and absolutely perfect for any tee ball, coach pitch, or younger player. 


4. Rawlings Champion Lite 11.5" Fastpitch Softball Glove (CL115BMT)

The Champion Lite 11.5” softball glove from Rawlings would be a great gift to give a young softball player. The 90% factory break-in allows for your youngster to start using it immediately (and we all know how important that is considering most children’s attention spans!) It’s got a leather shell to provide additional durability while the lightweight design creates an easier close on every catch. There aren’t too many quality youth softball gloves beyond the aisle at Walmart which only adds to the case for the Rawlings Champion Lite.

If you are interested in viewing all of our current Youth Gloves swing on over to JustGloves.


The Best Baseball Gloves for the Holidays

1. Rawlings Heart of the Hides

You just can’t beat a Heart of the Hide. Rawlings doesn’t mess around with their top models. Made from the best leather in the game, Rawlings Heart of the Hide gloves are made to be used by serious ballplayers. The kind of ballplayers that take pride in their bruises and prefer their uniforms dirty rather than clean. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for a serious baseball player you’ve gotta take a look at a Heart of the Hide.


2. Wilson A2Ks

Just a few weeks ago Wilson released their latest lineup of A2K gloves. These 2021 models would absolutely make a splash with any player you might be buying a present for this holiday season. A2K gloves are handcrafted from Pro Stock leather and designed to hold-up season-after-season. The price may be high, but the quality makes it well worth it.


3. Nokona Walnut

If you are looking for a more traditional baseball glove try Nokona’s Walnut Series. Handcrafted in America, the Nokona Walnut baseball gloves come with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. They sport Classic Walnut Crunch leather that will arrive stiff to allow each player to shape the glove exactly to their liking. It’s not recommended for every player, but those serious about the game and looking for a “forever glove” will be overjoyed if they receive one of Nokona’s finest.


4. All Star Catcher’s Mitt

While All Star does make other quality gloves, they have a reputation around the sport as the leading manufacturer of catcher’s mitt. The padding, the sewing, the lacing, and other aspects are all precisely done to create a consistent mitt for every pitch. Another great reason to roll with an All Star catcher’s mitt for your player’s holiday present is that they have excellent options at every price point. All Star mitts will range anywhere from $75 to $400 to let you determine the level of mitt your player needs.


5. Shoeless Joe Golden Age Series

Looking for a baseball gift for Dad or Grandpa this year? Why not give them the ultimate mantlepiece for their basement or man cave? With the Shoeless Joe Golden Age Series you can turn back the clocks of time and secure a little bit of baseball history. Different gloves from different eras allow baseball buffs a chance to own a piece of history. It’s the ultimate conversation starter for anyone that loves the game.

JustGloves has all your baseball glove needs. Remember, we’re with ya from Click to Catch.


The Best Softball Gloves for the Holidays

1. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin

The A2000 name has been around softball for a long time now, but the addition of Wilson’s patented SuperSkin technology is a recent development. The purpose of this basketball-like material is to create a lighter, stronger glove that repels moisture. This allows for easier use on the diamond along with a long lifespan of the glove itself because it won’t break down as quickly from the elements. If you want to learn more about Wilson’s SuperSkin technology be sure to check out the blog post we released a little while back.


2. Mizuno MVP Prime -- Great Value!

With new, discounted prices now is the perfect time to grab a Mizuno MVP Prime from JustGloves and check that box off of your holiday shopping list. Each MVP Prime is constructed from Bio Soft Leather with an adjustable wrist strap to allow even the smallest of hands fit comfortably inside. Look for the MVP Prime Series to be one of the hottest lines in softball this holiday season.


3. Nokona X2

As you likely know by now, Nokona handcrafts all of their gloves right here in America. Each of their gloves are made from ultra-durable leather to outlast the competition. The X2 gloves are no different. They actually come with a full two (2) year warranty to ensure your glove quality remains elite. If you are looking for the softball glove to guarantee a “you’re kidding...” reaction when your softball player opens their gift, an X2 is exactly what you’re looking for.

Need a fastpitch softball glove? We’ve got you covered at JustGloves!

The Best Slow Pitch Gloves for the Holidays

1. Miken Pro Series 13” Slow Pitch Softball Glove (PRO130-WSN)

Built from full-grain leather, the Miken Pro Series 13” softball glove provides durability alongside comfort. The size of this particular glove allows players to use it all over the diamond on both the infield and outfield. A 70% factory break-in will still allow serious players a chance to break it in their liking, but overall they’ll be able to use it in a game after just a little bit of work. This is a great glove for anyone buying for their softball husband or slow pitch dad.


2. Louisville Slugger Super Z 15" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (WTLSZRS1915)

The largest glove in softball makes for the perfect gift for any dad or husband looking for a big slow pitch mitt. Louisville Slugger sports this 15-inch glove with an H-Web and a conventional open wrist back. Keep in mind that it will arrive stiff, but if you are giving this glove during the holidays then the player in your life should have more than enough time to break it in before the spring season.


3. Mizuno Franchise 13" Slow Pitch Softball Glove (GFN1300S3)

The final glove on our list offers pre-oiled leather to retain its shape across multiple seasons. Mizuno’s Franchise 13” glove has an easy price point and makes for a great gift for slow pitch dads. It’s also perfect for any baseball or softball coaches looking for something to play catch with at practices with their kids. It won’t require a long break-in (if any) and should be comfortable to use in any situation.

Looking for a gift for your husband or dad? JustGloves has all the baseball and softball gifts you need!

The Best Additional Baseball & Softball Gifts

  1. Routine Apparel
  2. JustGloves Glove Care Kit
  3. JustBats Batter’s Box
  4. Two Seam Bat Bag
  5. New Batting Gloves


We get that holiday shopping can be stressful but hopefully, this gift guide will help you navigate through some of those stressful situations. Also, if you ever want to talk to an expert feel free to contact our team at JustGloves. You can call down to the ‘pen by phone (1-866-321-4568), email (, or Live Chat. We’re just here to help, from click to catch!




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