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5 Best 2018 Youth Baseball Gloves

5 Best 2018 Youth Baseball Gloves

As it relates to starting a baseball career, there's nothing quite as sacred as a player's glove. Whether your child is a future Hall-of-Famer or content picking dandelions, the right youth glove can make the difference in having fun or hating the game. has sourced our customer reviews for the five (5) best 2018 youth baseball gloves.

Every player has personal preferences, but to ensure you have the correct glove size is important. CLICK HERE to see recommended sizes.
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SSK Javier Baez Replica Youth Baseball Glove

Modeled after Chicago Cubs phenom Javier Baez's Opening Day model, this SSK glove is a steal for under $40. Using the Shokunin tradition and combining with full grain pigskin leather results in a game-ready glove that one of the Big League's best uses on game day. Other key features of this SSK Javier Baez youth glove include:

2018 SSK Javier Baez Youth Glove

  • 11.50 inch glove size.
  • Conventional open back.
  • I-web.
  • Recommended for infielders.
  • Patented dimple sensor technology creates perfect palm and enhances confirmation.
Mizuno Prospect Select Youth Catcher's Mitt

Mizuno Gloves | Catchers Mitts

Youth players (or, more accurately, youth parents) prefer Mizuno. The reasons come down to reliable structure and the short break-in period for their gloves. This catcher's mitt delivers great durability with an amazing overall feel. Mizuno's innovative Thumb Cut hinge offers an increase in flexibility so that a youth player has no issue closing the mitt. Other key features of the Mizuno Prospect Select catcher's mitt include:

2018 Mizuno Prospect Select Youth Catchers Mitt

  • 32.50 inch mitt size.
  • Single finger back.
  • Dual post web.
  • Recommended for catchers.
  • ButterSoft palm liner increases durability, feel, and comfort.
Marucci RS225 Series Youth Baseball Glove

Marucci Gloves | Second Base Gloves

Combining a game-ready feel with big league tested and the Player Advisory Board approved web designs, this youth glove is high-end. With a soft, tumbled cowhide leather, these baseball gloves are very durable and will hold their shape for multiple seasons, without fail. Other key features of this Marucci RS225 Series youth glove include:

2018 Marucci RS225 Youth Glove

  • 11.00 inch glove size.
  • Traditional open back.
  • I-web.
  • Recommended for infielders.
  • Scaled down finger stalls offer a more secure fit on a smaller hand.
Wilson A500 Youth Baseball Glove

Wilson Gloves | Outfield Gloves

The number one selling youth glove under $60. The A500 series is manufactured for younger players and uses top grain, soft cowhide leather construction to establish the lightest all-leather model on the market. This youth glove requires absolutely zero break-in period. Other key features of this Wilson A500 youth glove include:

2018 Wilson A500 Youth Glove

  • 12.50 inch glove size.
  • Double palm construction provides maximum pocket stability.
  • Single post web.
  • Recommend for outfielders.
  • Real leather laces ensure a long-lasting structure.
Rawlings Mark Of A Pro Lite Youth Baseball Glove

Rawlings Gloves | Third Base Gloves

Offering an unbeatable combination of lightweight materials with the Sure Catch design for an increase in catchability and control. The Mark Of A Pro Lite glove has high-level performance, flexibility, and supreme shape retention. This youth model is built with smaller wrist openings and smaller finger stalls. Other key features of the Rawlings Mark Of A Pro Lite  youth glove include:

2018 Rawlings Mark Of A Pro Lite Youth Glove

  • 11.00 inch glove size.
  • Neo-flex conventional back.
  • Pro H-web.
  • Recommended for infielders and outfielders.
  • Game ready feel with minimal break-in.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite youth baseball glove model? Let us know in the comments.

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