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Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B

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Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
  • Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
  • Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
  • Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
  • Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
  • Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
  • Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
Reviews for Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B

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2 reviews Review This Glove
by Nightsights
The workmanship and materials are first rate. The glove is stiff but not overly heavy, padding is very good. The glove forms a pocket fairly quick but will take time to get completely broken in.
Really, there are none ! If you have the money to buy just one good glove, that has to last, you found it.
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by T.W.
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Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
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What do you think about the Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B?

Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
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Is the gran status glove a good glove?

The gran status glove would be a good glove for the price.

Kara Expert ·Dec 21, 2012
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I just ordered the gran status zett glove. Is that the same or different from this glove?

The Zett Gran Status gloves are lower in quality and won't be as durable or as stiff as the Zett Pro Status gloves.

Tyler Expert ·Dec 21, 2012
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What are the differences from the Z120B and the Z120T?

The difference between these two gloves will be the web types and the color. These two gloves are very durable and manufactured with a high quality Japanese leather.

Kris Expert ·Mar 31, 2012
About Zett

Until recently, Zett was somewhat of a well-kept secret amongst the average U.S. ball player. This Japanese company is just starting to expand the market for their products in to North America, but has been a dominant force in the Eastern hemisphere for over 50 years. Zett gloves are truly a part of the history of Japanese baseball, and are worn by current Japanese MLB players such as Kaz Matsui and Shinji Mori just to name a couple. Uncompromised quality and unmatched attention to detail is what you’ll find in every Zett bat and glove. This is a company that makes a truly qual.... read more

Glove Features
  • 12.00 Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Free Shipping!
  • Japanese Tanned Leather
  • Made Custom for Our Sites From Color, Web, and Welting
  • Precise Stitching and Embroidery
  • Scalloped Web Design
  • Wool Padding
Description for Zett Pro Status Series: Z120B
Zett has been a world power in baseball for over 50 years. This Japanese company has been a well-kept secret from most players in the U.S.... until now. Uncompromising quality and unmatched attention to detail is what you get in a Zett glove. Widely recognized as the finest glove in baseball by many top pro players, its reputation is garnering the company some serious attention. Zett actively seeks out the best hides and uses an unsurpassed tanning process to create a glove that lasts and retains its shape far longer than the common standard. When you pick up a Zett glove, you can tell it was crafted with care. From the precise stitching and embroidery to the softness and shape of the leather, Zett gloves are the worldwide standard for craftsmanship. With this strict quality control, you can be sure your glove will play at the professional level and surpass all your expectations. This new line of Zett ball gloves was custom designed just for us by the master craftsmen at Zett. When you need to play at the top of your game, reach for a Zett! Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

Wicked fast service! Came in 2 days. Thank you.

- Julie, Allen, TX
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Glove Properties
Glove Type:Baseball
Position:Third Base
Price:$300 - $399.99
Sub Type:Fielders
Web Type:Fully Closed