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Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*

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100 Day Return Guarantee
Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
  • Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
  • Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
  • Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
  • Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
  • Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
  • Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
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Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
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What do you think about the Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*?

Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
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About Vinci Pro
Glove Features
  • ***ONLY 1 AVAILABLE***
  • 12.50 Inch Model
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Double Reinforced
  • Free Shipping!
  • Kip Leather
  • Mesh Back
  • Modified T Web
  • Pro Pad Palm Guard
  • Sheep Skin Finger Linings
Description for Vinci Pro Mesh Series: AB-M *DEMO*
Due to our generous 100 Day Guarantee on all gloves, we get a fair number of gloves returned to us. The vast majority of these glove have been broken-in and played with, so we can no longer sell them as new. This is where you, the customer, can save some serious money on your next glove. We are now offering what we call *Demo* gloves for purchase on our website. These gloves can sometimes be called blemished or blem gloves, because many have only a cosmetic blemish. Demo gloves are often times broken-in and some are re-laced to ensure quality. The picture of each glove is what it looks like new. These gloves are priced according to their condition. If you're still on the fence about whether buying a used glove is a good idea, we're here to ease your fears. Each of these gloves comes with a Full Two (2) Week Money-Back Guarantee. If you don't like the condition of the glove, simply use the free return label to send it back to us and get a refund. You've got nothing to lose - except the time it takes to break in your glove! Free Shipping!
Customer Testimonial

You ship same day(as long has the order is placed before a certain time)and if your close to your warehouse,like me,its like getting your order 2nd day air. Also your selection,description and price of your bats are awesome. My last order I placed on monday and was hoping to try the freak fx 700 out on wednesday. If I got it by then cool if not I'll go out some weekend and take some swings. Got it wed. like it alot. Can't wait till next year. Thanks again & again & again!!!

- Gary, Elgin, IL
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Glove Properties
Deals:Demo Gloves
Glove Type:Baseball
Price:$0 - $99.99
Sub Type:Fielders
Vendor:Vinci Pro
Web Type:Modified T